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    (Redirected from Francesco III Gonzaga) Francesco III Gonzaga (10 March 1533 – 22 February 1550) was Duke of Mantua and Marquess of Montferrat from 1540 until his death. He was the eldest son of Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua and his wife Margaret Paleologina.

  2. Francesco III Gonzaga - Wikipedia

    Francesco III Gonzaga (Mantova, 10 marzo 1533 – Mantova, 21 febbraio 1550) fu il II Duca di Mantova e Marchese del Monferrato dal 1540 fino alla morte.

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    Francesco III. Gonzaga (* 10. März 1533 in Mantua; † 21. Februar 1550 ebenda) war von 1540 bis 1550 nominell Herzog von Mantua und Markgraf von Montferrat, gelangte jedoch nie zur selbständigen Regierung, da er bereits kurz vor seinem 17. Geburtstag starb.

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    Francesco III Gonzaga (1533–1550), a voe dug Mantova adalek 1540 betek 1550, ha markiz Monferrato, marvet da 17 vloaz. Mab e oa da Federico II Gonzaga ha da Margherita Paleologa . Seizh vloaz ne oa ken Francesco III pa varvas e dad.

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    Francesco III Gonzaga (Mantova, 10 marzo 1533 – Mantova, 21 febbraio 1550) fu il secondo duca di Mantova e Marchese del Monferrato dal 1540 fino alla morte.

    • 10 March 1533 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584), Mantua
    • Margrave
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    Francesco III Gonzaga, född 1533, död 1550, var en monark (hertig) av Mantua från 1540 till 1550.

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    Francisco III Gonzaga, em italiano Francesco III Gonzaga (10 de março de 1533 – 22 de fevereiro de 1550) foi Duque de Mântua e Marquês de Monferrato de 1540 até à sua morte. Era o filho mais velho de Frederico II Gonzaga, Duque de Mântua e de sua mulher Margarida Paleóloga.

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    Francesco Gonzaga was an Italian bishop and a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church during the reigns of Popes Pius II, Paul II and Sixtus IV.

    Born in Mantua on 15 March 1444, Francesco Gonzaga was the second son of Ludovico III Gonzaga, the second Marquis of Mantua, and his wife Barbara of Brandenburg. His mother was the daughter of John, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, and the niece of Emperor Sigismund of the Holy Roman Empire. His first education was in the "Ca' Giocosa" under Iacopo da San Cassiano, Ognibene da Lonigo, and Bartolomeo Platina. After completing his studies at Padua, Francesco went to the University of Pisa. After

    At the request of his cousin, Albert III, the Elector of Brandenburg, Francesco was elevated, on 18 December 1461, at the age of seventeen to the rank of Cardinal by Pope Pius II after the Pope had been in Mantua for eight months for the council held in that city. The meeting bet

    Appointed as the 39th Prince-Bishop of Bressanone on 12 August 1464, the Cardinal of Mantua participated in the conclave that elected in the same year Pope Paul II, whom he personally hosted a splendid banquet on 16 September to commemorate the occasion of taking possession of th

    Francesco then returned to Rome on 4 August of that year to participate in the conclave of 1471 that elected Francesco della Rovere as Pope Sixtus IV. For his legation in Bologna, Gonzaga was confirmed by the new Pope and received commendam also the Abbey of San Gregorio at Mantu

    He died from intoxication on 21 October 1483 at the Palazzo della Signoria in Bologna. In the original document attesting to his death, it was stated that the cause of death was per disordini; percioché bevendo l'acqua della Porretta non servò la guardia conveniente [ Of disorders; because drinking the water of the Porretta, he did not observe the necessary care ]. His body was transported to Mantua and buried in the family mausoleum at the Church of San Francesco. The funeral oration was ...

  9. Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua - Wikipedia

    Francesco was born in Mantua, the son of Marquess Federico I Gonzaga. Francesco had a career as a condottiero acting as Venice 's commander from 1489 to 1498.

  10. Francesco II Gonzaga - Wikipedia

    Francesco II Gonzaga (Mantova, 10 agosto 1466 – Mantova, 29 marzo 1519) era il figlio del marchese di Mantova Federico I Gonzaga e di Margherita di Wittelsbach, sorella del duca di Baviera. Fu il IV marchese di Mantova.