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  1. Frederick I, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    Frederick I of Celje also Frederick I of Cilli, was a Styrian free noble who became the first Count of Celje, founding a noble house that would dominate Slovenian and Croatian history in the first half of the 15th century. Born as Frederick, Lord of Žovnek and baron of Savinja, he inherited vast estates in Carinthia, Carniola and Styria upon the extinction of the Counts of Heunburg. These included the Celje Castle, located at a strategic position in the center of the Savinja Valley ...

    • Ulrich of Sanneck
    • title established
    • Catherine of Heunburg
    • around 1300 - 1359
  2. Counts of Celje - Wikipedia

    Frederick I (c. 1300–1359/60), son, from 1341 Count of Celje Counts of Cilli (Celje) [2] Ulrich I (1331–1368), son of Frederick I, Captain in Carniola , married Countess Adelheid of Ortenburg

  3. Frederick I - Wikipedia

    Frederick I, Count of Celje (1300-59) Frederick I, Duke of Athens (died 1355) Frederick I, Elector of Saxony (1370–1428), "the Belligerent" or "the Warlike" Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg (1371–1440), also Burgrave of Nuremberg (as Frederick VI) Frederick I, Count of Vaudémont (1371–1415) Frederick I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg ...

  4. Ulrich I, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    He was the firstborn son of Frederick, first Count of Celje, and his wife Diemut Wallsee. Frederick had inherited the Celje Castle and the surrounding estates through his mother Catherine, daughter of the last Carinthian Count of Heunburg (Vovbre, in Slovene) and Agnes of Baden, the unsuccessful claimant to the Babenberg inheritance.

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    Category:Frederick I of Celje. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository ... Wikipedia: Date of birth: Unknown: Date of death: 1359 (statement with Gregorian ...

  6. The Counts of Celje (Slovene: Celjski grofje) or the Counts of Cilli (German: Grafen von Cilli; Hungarian: cillei grófok) were the most influential late medieval noble dynasty on the territory of present-day Slovenia. Risen as vassals of the Habsburg dukes of Styria, they ruled the County of Cilli as immediate counts (Reichsgrafen) from 1341 and rose to Princes of the Holy Roman Empire in ...

  7. Frederick II, Count of Celje - Wikipedia

    Frederick II (Slovene: Friderik II. Celjski ; German : Friedrich II Graf von Cilli ) (17 January 1379 – 13 or 20 June 1454) was a Count of Celje and Ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia . Contents

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    Wikipedia: Instance of: ... Frederick I of Celje‎ ... Media in category "Counts of Celje" This category contains only the following file.

  9. Frederick II of Celje, count (c.1379 - 1453) - Genealogy

    May 23, 2018 · About Frederick II of Celje, count Frederic II, count of Celje, is first mentioned in 1407 and 1414 in the documents of the newly founded "Carthaus zu Pletriarch". He carried the title "von Gottes Gnaden Graf zu Cili, zu Ortenburg und im Seger" ( count of Celje, Ortenburg and Seger).

  10. Hermann II, Count of Celje - Wikipedia

    Count of Celje 1385–1435 with William (1385–1392) Succeeded by Frederick II of Celje: Preceded by Frederick III: Count of Ortenburg 1418–1435 Political offices Preceded by Paul Pécsi: Ban of Slavonia Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia 1406–1408 Succeeded by Karlo of Krbava: Preceded by Denis Marcali: Ban of Slavonia 1423–1435 Succeeded by ...