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    Göppingen is situated at the bottom of the Hohenstaufen mountain, in the valley of the river Fils. The districts of Göppingen are Bartenbach, Bezgenriet, Faurndau, Göppingen, Hohenstaufen, Holzheim, Jebenhausen and Maitis. History. Tradition holds that the city was founded by an Alemannic leader called Geppo sometime in the 3rd or 4th ...

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    Göppingen is a Landkreis in the middle of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighboring districts are Rems-Murr, Ostalbkreis, Heidenheim, Alb-Donau, Reutlingen and Esslingen.

    In 1817, Württemberg was divided into four kreise, the southeastern one of which was named Donaukreis. The four kreise were in turn divided into oberämter. In Donaukreis, the most northern of these oberämter were Göppingen and, to its east, Geislingen. In 1938, the four kreise were abolished, and Geislingen was merged with Göppingen. During the communal reform of 1973 the district was not changed much, only a few municipalities from the districts Schwäbisch Gmünd and Ulm were added ...

    In 1990 a partnership with the district Löbau in the Free State of Saxony was started, to help to build the administration according to western German standards. The municipality Boll already had a partnership with Herrnhut in Löbau before. After the districts started their partnership, several other municipalities of the two districts started partnership as well.

    The district is located in the northern foothills of the Swabian Jura. It is crossed by the Fils, a tributary of the Neckar.

    The lion is the symbol of the Staufen family, which had its roots in the district. The deer antler above is the symbol of Württemberg and symbolizes the change of ownership after the Staufer family died out.

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    Göppingen Management & Marketing GmbH is Gerd Hofele. The clubs women's handball team Frisch Auf Frauen also plays in 1st German league. The club came to fame when Bernhard Kempa and his brothers moved from Silesia to Göppingen in 1948 and started playing for the club.

    • 1896; 124 years ago
    • FAG
    • Turn- und Polizeisportgemeinschaft Frisch Auf Göppingen e.V.
    • EWS Arena
  4. Göppingen is a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In 2005, there were 57,771 people living in Göppingen. In 2005, there were 57,771 people living in Göppingen. It is at the bottom of the 684 m (2,244 ft ) high "Kaiserberg", or "Emperors' Mountain".

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    The Göppingen Gö 9 was a German research aircraft built to investigate the practicalities of powering a plane using a pusher propeller located far from the engine and turned by a long driveshaft.

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    Göppingen is a toun in soothren Germany, pairt o the Stuttgart Region o Baden-Württemberg. It is the caipital o the destrict Göppingen. It is situatit at the bottom o the Hohenstaufen muntain, in the valley o the river Fils. The German branch o SIGG haes its offices in the ceety.

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    The Göppingen Gö 3 Minimoa is a single-seat sailplane produced in Germany. It was designed by Martin Schempp and Wolf Hirth and was produced the year after their first glider, the Göppingen Gö 1. It first flew in 1935. The name is derived from the name Moazagotl given to lenticularis clouds caused by the foehn wind in Sudetenland. The name ...

    • Glider
    • 1935
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    Lage. Göppingen liegt im Vorland der Schwäbischen Alb im mittleren Tal der Fils, teils am Hang des Höhenrückens vom Hohenstaufen zum Filstal.. Nachbargemeinden. Die folgenden Städte und Gemeinden grenzen an die Stadt Göppingen, aufgeführt im Uhrzeigersinn, beginnend im Osten: Ottenbach, Eislingen/Fils, Süßen, Schlat, Eschenbach, Heiningen, Dürnau, Bad Boll, Zell unter Aichelberg ...

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    Göppingen weboldala A Wikimédia Commons tartalmaz Göppingen témájú médiaállományokat. Göppingen város Németországban , Baden-Württemberg tartományban.

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    Göppingen on kaupunki Baden-Württembergin osavaltiossa, eteläisessä Saksassa. Se sijaitsee noin 40 kilometriä itään Stuttgartin suurkaupungista. Se on Göppingenin piirikunnan hallintokaupunki ja kuuluu Stuttgartin hallintopiiriin. Kaupungissa on arviolta 57 558 asukasta (vuonna 2018) ja sen pinta-ala on 59,2 neliökilometriä.