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    God Squad may refer to: God Squad (comics) - an informal alliance of comic book characters. The God Squad (Telecare) - an American religious television program. God Squad (Global Awakening) - a Christian reality series produced by Christian organization Global Awakening. God Squad - a Belegarth medieval combat-sport team based out of Portland ...

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    God Squad is a fictional team of gods appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. "God Squad" is the name that the character Amadeus Cho gave to a team of gods brought together to face the oncoming Secret Invasion. The team was brought together in Incredible Hercules #117 (2008) by writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, and ...

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    Galactus was a member of the God Squad in the miniseries Chaos War #2–5 (Dec. – March 2010). After an appearance in Fantastic Four #583–587 (Nov. 2010 – March 2011), the character returned to Earth in Silver Surfer (vol. 6) #1–5 (Jan. – May 2011) and was the antagonist in The Mighty Thor #1–6 (April – Sept. 2011).

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    During the Skrull invasion of Earth, Atum joined the God Squad at the behest of Athena to fight the Skrull gods. He consumed the Skrull goddess Sl'gyr't, but Sl'gur't contained the essences of countless gods, which overloaded the Demogorge and caused him to unexpectedly explode. His spine was later used by Snowbird to kill the Skrull god Kly'bn.

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    For the Dragonlance event, see Dragons of Summer Flame. "Chaos War" is a Marvel Comics storyline that began publication in October 2010 across nine comic book series: the five-issue miniseries Chaos War, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, supplemented by seven branded miniseries or one-shot publications, and by three issues of Incredible Hulks, a temporary iteration of the long-running ...

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    Amatsu-Mikaboshi (天津甕星) is the God of Evil, Chaos and the Stars to the follows of the Shinto religion in Japan. He is not actually a Amatsu-Kami but a primordial being who was imprisoned in Yomi, the Shinto underworld for all eternity.[5]

    Billions of years ago, Gaea in the form of Izanami and a young Amatsu-Kami; Izanagi ventured into a formless world that was dominated by a dark, primordial void where the ancient force of nature known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi existed and reigned alone. \\"Gaea\\" began to populate Earth with living creatures. Along with Izanagi the couple plunged a spear into the ocean and created the island that one day would be known as Japan. The couple created the rest of the Amatsu-Kami who later came to be worshipped as gods by the Humans of this land, which enraged Mikaboshi. His attempted to topple the fledgling Amatsu-Kami pantheon were foiled, and Mikaboshi was forced to descend to the netherworld of Yomi, where he remained for centuries.[5] The Warriors Three were put on trial for accidentally killing a giant who had shape-shifted into an aquatic beast. As punishment they were sentenced to retrieve several difficult items from various pantheons and return them to the father of the dead giant. This included the sword Grasscutter from Yomi guarded by Mikaboshi.[6]

    Taking advantage of the chaos left by the fall of Asgard and the Norse pantheon, Mikaboshi planned to extend his influence by capturing Olympus and crushing the Olympian gods. With the Olympians defeated, Mikaboshi hoped to compel all the other pantheons into surrendering. To this end, Mikaboshi laid siege to Olympus, which was very close to succeeding. Ares, still bitter about the treatment he received from the other Olympians, refused to raise a finger to help them. Desperate for his aid and wishing to goad Ares into action, Zeus had Alexander kidnapped and brought to Olympus where he was placed under the care of Achilles and his Myrmidons.[7] With Mikaboshi in utter control of the battle, Hermes went to Earth to fetch an enraged Ares in an attempt to get him to speak with Zeus, but Ares' only concern was his son. Relenting, Hermes transported them both to Achilles' stronghold where they kept Alexander, only to find the fortress destroyed and Alexander missing. While Achilles was away, Mikaboshi's forces managed to destroy the Myrmidon fortress and steal Alexander away to his own stronghold in the eastern lands. Mikaboshi slowly began to warp Alexander's mind in an attempt to turn him against his father by revealing the brutal history and patricides committed by the Greek gods. Mikaboshi hoped to turn Alex into the new god of war, one that could be used against the Greek gods and, more importantly, Ares himself.[8]

    Finding out his son was in the hands of Olympus' enemies, a furious Ares begrudgingly agreed to join in the fighting, but only to rescue his son. During the battle, Zeus was on the brink of death and used his remaining power to break the hold Mikaboshi had over Alexander. Alexander used the grasscutter sword against Mikaboshi and ended the battle.[3] Mikaboshi was then returned to the Japanese land of the dead defeated. Athena of the Olympian Pantheon called a meeting of the Pantheons in San Francisco to assemble a team of gods from Earth, known as the \\"God Squad\\". Mikaboshi was chosen by the pantheons of the east along with Hercules, Snowbird, Tecumotzin, and Atum, the God Eater to battle and defeat the Skrull Gods Kly'Bn and Sl'gur't. In route to Skrull space through the dream realm, they battled Nightmare. Mikaboshi was key in winning the battle by being able to make duplicates of himself.[4] Upon arriving in Skrull space, the God Squad had to battle their way through conquered pantheons of gods on the way to Kly'Bn and Sl'Gurts thrones. Mikaboshi attacked Sl'gur't after she destroyed Atum, and both took shape of the same creatures during battle, eventually taking the form of each other. Mikaboshi killed Sl'gur't before being left by Hercules, Snowbird, and Amadeus Cho who thought Mikaboshi was killed, thus leaving Mikaboshi to take command of the conquered pantheons.[9]

    Mikaboshi possessed the conventional abilities of one of the Kami, the order of Japanese deities, such as superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance and recuperative abilities, as well as high ability to wield some form of potent Japanese dark magic, a brand of sorcery that seems especially effective against the Olympian deities. His physical strength, at least in his main incarnation, is considerably lesser to that of Zeus or Izanagi, and is roughly equal to that of the average Kami, but Mikaboshi can project energy on a scale at least rivaling that of Zeus and Izanagi. Like the Asgardians, the Japanese gods are extremely long-lived but not truly immortal like the Olympians; they tend to age at an extremely slow rate upon reaching adulthood and are three times denser than normal human beings.[citation needed] Mikaboshi possesses vast supernatural power, which is apparently inherent within him. He can use this mystical energy for a variety of effects, among which are his ability to alter his form and shape; he also often takes on a female form to appear harmless. He is otherwise almost always represented as a being of black, shadowy energy with a mask for a face. He can reshape his limbs into razor-sharp blades, and assume the form of a fire-breathing serpent, which Apollo's fire was unable to affect and which was able to retaliate with a blast of fire powerful enough to harm and strike down even the Olympian sun deity. He has employed powers of flight, teleportation, the projection of mystical energy as force blasts, invisibility, matter manipulation, image projection and the creation of inter-dimensional nexus points among other feats, such as creating \\"shadow copies\\" capable of avoiding detection by high-level dark magical entities such as Nightmare in the latter's own realm. His power is of such extent that he can control numerous minor demons, as well as animating and manipulating corpses en masse at will; moreover, even the Kami themselves appear wary and fearful of Mikaboshi whom they consider their primal foe, especially as he himself has slaughtered much of their pantheon. Mikaboshi was able to slay even formidable alien deities having destroyed the Demogorge (an entity who devoured the Elder Gods themselves) with relatively little effort, as well as crippling and slaying Skyfathers such as Zeus by tearing out his heart in seconds.[citation needed] More akin to a force of nature than a physical being, and having existed as a dark, primordial void that once dominated Earth (and before even that, the Marvel Universe, and before even this, the realities predating the Marvel Universe itself) in its earliest days, Mikaboshi's true form is elusive. He apparently exists as a single golden eye characterized by a slit-like iris. The eye is surrounded by an amorphous mass of dark energy, which Mikaboshi can form into tangible objects of virtually any form he can imagine, such as whip-like tentacles or a humanoid body. He can also assume a comet-like appearance (with his eye serving as the comet's nucleus) and propel himself at incredible speeds. He is immune to most diseases and possesses extremely quick reflexes. Mikaboshi possesses an extremely high intellect rivaling that of genius-level, and is an accomplished strategist, though his preferred tactic is simply overwhelming opponents with the sheer number of his demonic foot-soldiers. His army contains many netherworld denizens, mostly Shinma and Oni.[citation needed] As a demonic entity, and the conqueror of Yomi, Japanese underworld of the Kami, Mikaboshi also has several powers enabling him to capture and detain the astral bodies (sheaths of the soul) of recently deceased human beings; on at least one instance, Mikaboshi has been shown capable of releasing a deceased mortal soul back into the realm of the living. Mikaboshi does not have jurisdiction over all of humanity's deceased. It is not yet known what the prerequisite conditions are for him to manipulate a human soul, nor are the precise means by which he accomplishes the feat known. Apparently these conditions require that the human being in question willingly submit to Mikaboshi's will. It is not yet known how a human being may free himself from bondage to Mikaboshi. Nor is it revealed whether or not Mikaboshi \\"feeds\\" on the psychic energies as other demons do.[citation needed]

    After seizing control over thousands of alien deities of the Skrulls, and using them to tear through worlds and realities to eliminate the gods of countless other extraterrestrial civilizations, such as the gods of the Shi'ar and the gods of Zenn-La, Mikaboshi was able to gather enough power to shed his \\"Terran form\\" and emerge as the Chaos King, the primal embodiment of nothingness and primordial chaos that served as a natural opposing power to both Eternity and Death, and a threat to the entire Marvel Multiverse, and all its powered mortals, living or dead, abstract conceptual beings, cosmic entities and lesser divinities.[citation needed]

  7. 瑟西 (漫畫) - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 瑟西_(漫畫)
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    瑟西首次出現在永恆族(英语:Eternals (comics))#3(1976年9月),當時其名字的拼法為Sersy。儘管當時永恆族由漫威漫畫出版,但永恆族並未被視為漫威宇宙的一部分,而是作為另一個獨立的系列。這系列作品中的角色後來才被納入漫威宇宙,並在80年代,瑟西在復仇者聯盟漫畫系列和美國隊長漫畫系列中做了一些客串演出。 1990年,瑟西加入了復仇者聯盟,在她的永恆族同伴吉爾伽美什(英语:Forgotten One (comics))受傷後離開了隊伍。 與其他漫威人物一樣,瑟西和黑騎士(英语:Black Knight (Dane Whitman))被短暫納入超極宇宙(英语:Ultraverse)中,當時該系列被漫威漫畫收購。 尼爾·蓋曼在2006年的永恆族系列重啟期間重新設計了這個角色。 瑟西和其他永恆族成員在傑森·亞倫(英语:Jason Aaron)的複仇者故事中回歸,然而在議題#4中,他們都在涉及黑暗天神組的故事中被殺了。


    瑟西是永恆族(英语:Eternals (comics))的第四代成員,永恆族是人類的進化分支。她是赫利俄斯(Helios)和珀爾絲(Perse)的女兒,可能出生於希臘的奧林匹亞(英语:Olympia (comics)),在摧毀亞特蘭提斯(英语:Atlantis (Marvel Comics))和利莫里亞(英语:的大災變發生之後,發生了一次冰河擴張時代,被稱為亥伯里恩時代(英语:Hyborian Age)的期間。在瑟西年輕的時候,她與她的永恆族同伴不同,她渴望在人類社會中生活。她在古美索不達米亞時期第一次見到了當時穿越時空回到過去的美國隊長。儘管瑟西當時的外貌還是一個孩子,但她實際上已經存在幾千年了。 幾千年後,瑟西居住在古希臘,在那裡她遇見了詩人荷馬,也就是後來寫了西方文學中最早的作品之一奧德賽的人。史詩當中一名生活在愛琴海島嶼艾尤岛(英语:Aeaea)上,將英雄奧德修斯變成豬的女巫喀耳刻,就是以瑟西為基礎創作的。 瑟西在作為...

    作為永恆族這個超人種族的成員,瑟西擁有永恆族人的標準能力,不過她將她大部分的力量集中在變形能力上,並在幾個世紀中以這種能力將自己的存在作為幻覺。瑟西重新排列物體分子結構的靈能能力遠遠超過其他永恆族人, 瑟西的分子重排能力的限制尚未被公開。瑟西是唯一擅長物質變形的存在,她的該種能力到達五級(總共1-5級)。她有能力改變包括生物在內的所有物質的分子和原子結構。但是,她表示她難以重新排列亞原子物質。 瑟西擁有天才的智慧和超人的力量(她可以通過靈能懸浮重物),耐力,耐久性,敏捷性和反應能力。瑟西擁有操縱宇宙能量以增強其生命力的能力,賦予她對各種形式的物理傷害免疫的能力和永生,她能夠以熱能,光能或震盪力以及其他力量從她的眼睛或手中投射宇宙能量。瑟西可抵抗寒冷,疾病,電,能量,熱量,輻射和毒素攻擊。她不會衰老,而且只有在她的原子分散的情況下才能殺死她。瑟西對她的身體形態擁有完全的精神控制,賦予她對各種形式的物理傷害免疫的能力和不朽。 瑟西有能力讓自己和其他七個人漂浮,並以超人類的速度飛行。她有能力施展幻象,以便掩飾她和其他人的外表。她有能力傳送自己和其他人,像其他永恆族一樣,瑟西發現他們的自我傳送方法會令他們感到不適,所以她謹慎使用這種能力。瑟西可以通過心靈感應進行交流,不過她無法閱讀任何不朽族(英语:Deviant (comics))的心靈,但她可以控制永恆族,不朽族和人類的思想。瑟西可以通過電磁方式操縱物體並產生力場。與所有永恆族一樣,瑟西可以成為統一意念(英语:Uni-Mind)的一部分,這是一種由永恆族組成的實體。 瑟西作為一名訓練有素的舞者,幾個世紀以來一直在完善她的能力,在她的超人體質的幫助下,瑟西具有非凡的運動能力。她還展示了武術,使用多種語言,摔跤和時裝設計的才能。


    1. 漫威電影宇宙:由陳靜飾演瑟西。 1.1. 《永恆族》(2021年)


    1. 《漫威:未來之戰》:手機遊戲,瑟西是玩家可使用角色之一。

    ^ Couch, Aaron. Marvel Confirms Kit Harington for 'Eternals,' Sets 'Black Panther II' Date. The Hollywood Reporter. 2019-08-24 [August 24, 2019]. (原始内容存档于2019-08-24).

  8. 维基百科,自由的百科全书 - › zh › 銀色衝浪手

    銀色衝浪手. 銀色衝浪手 (英語: Silver Surfer ),又譯 銀影俠 ,是 漫威漫畫 中的虛構 超級英雄 角色,由 傑克·科比 所創作。. 銀色衝浪手首次於《 驚奇4超人 》#48中登場。. 在2011年, IGN 將銀色衝浪手列為漫畫英雄百強排名第41名 。.

  9. Thor (truyện tranh Marvel) – Wikipedia tiếng Việt › wiki › Thor_(truyện_tranh_Marvel)
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    Thor là con trai của vị thần tối cao và hùng mạnh, Odin Borson, người trị vì xứ sở Asgard giàu có và nữ thần Đất mẹ Gaea. Ngay từ lúc chưa ra đời, Odin đã nhận thấy đứa con trai của mình sẽ có những chiến công vĩ đại, sẽ được tôn thờ, sùng bái ở cả hai thế giới và sẽ là vị vua tương lai của Asgard. 1 tháng sau khi chào đời, Thor đã rời vòng tay của mẹ để trở về cung điện Asgard. Mãi về rất lâu sau này, Thor mới biết Gaea là mẹ thật của mình. Khi còn bé, Thor được nuôi lớn lên cùng với người em nuôi là Loki. Odin nhận nuôi Loki khi cha của hắn, gã khổng lồ Laufey, bị giết trong chiến trận. Loki lúc nào cũng cảm thấy ganh ghét khi Thor luôn vượt qua mình trong mọi thứ. Sự ganh ghét đó biến thành thù hận, mong muốn giết người anh của mình kéo dài hàng thế kỉ. Khi Thor lên 8, Loki được Odin cử đến Nidaverlli, xứ sở của những người lùn, yêu cầu họ làm ba món quà để tặng vị vua tương lai. Do ganh ghét Thor nên Loki đã chỉnh sửa lại hình dáng của Mjolnir bằng cách cưa bớt đi cây cán của nó...

    Siêu sức mạnh: Thor là vị thần khỏe nhất của Asgard, và là một trong những siêu anh hùng mạnh nhất vũ trụ. Thor toàn diện về cả ba mặt, sức khỏe sánh ngang với Silver Surfer, độ lỳ đòn ngang ngửa J...
    Cơ thể dường như bất hoại: Thor miễn nhiễm với mọi loại bệnh tật. Có thể chịu được cú đấm maximum của Hulk, Thanoshay Juggernaut. Chịu được sức nóng từ mặt trời và có thể bay xuyên qua nó. Có thể c...
    Siêu tốc độ: Thor có thể bay đến Mặt trời chỉ trong vòng vài phút, đánh trúng được Quicksilver đang chạy với tốc độ tối đa. Thor có thể ném cây búa Mjolnir với tốc độ ánh sáng, và quay nó với tốc đ...
    Siêu sức bền: Một mình Thor đánh nhau với cả 1 quân đoàn Frost Giant trong vòng 9 tháng không nghỉ. Sống được trong môi trường chân không, không cần không khí, thức ăn, nước uống hay nghỉ ngơi.
    Larry Lieber interview in Alter Egovol. 3, #2 (Fall 1999)
  10. Thor (Marvel Comics) - Thornhill, Southampton - Wikipedia › wiki › Thor_(Marvel_Comics)

    Thor Odinson est un super -héros fictif apparaissant dans bandes dessinées américaines publiées par Marvel Comics . Le personnage, qui est basé sur la divinité nordique du même nom , est le Asgardien dieu du tonnerre qui possède le marteau enchanté , Mjolnir , qui lui donne la capacité de voler et de manipuler la météo parmi ses autres attributs surhumains .

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