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  1. Henry the Bearded - Wikipedia

    Henry was the fourth son of Duke Bolesław I the Tall of Silesia, by his second wife Christina, probably a German. He was born in Głogów (Glogau), Lower Silesia. Henry's three older brothers Boleslaw, Conrad and John (1174-1190) died.

  2. Henry I - Wikipedia

    Henry I may refer to: 876–1366 Henry I the Fowler, King of Germany (876–936) Henry I, Duke of Bavaria (died 955)

  3. Talk:Henry the Bearded - Wikipedia

    It had been set to sort as Bearded, Henry I the. At least in Category:House of Piast it makes more sense--and is more consistent with the bulk of the other entries--to have it sort as Henry. If anybody feels that it should be the other way in some other category, perhaps they could change it for that particular category, rather than across the ...

  4. Władysław III Spindleshanks - Wikipediaładysław_III_Spindleshanks

    The first test of the Triumvirate (Władysław III Spindleshanks, Henry I the Bearded and Leszek I the White) was the death in 1219 of Archbishop Henry Kietlicz and the common choice for the post of Archbishop, the chancellor Wincenty z Niałka, one of Spindleshanks' closest associates.

  5. Leszek the White - Wikipedia

    Henry I the Bearded soon became interested in helping, and with him Władysław III Spindleshanks. In 1217 Leszek and Henry I arranged a meeting at Danków . A year later Leszek met with Henry I and Władysław III at Sądowel , where an alliance between the three was concluded.

  6. Mieszko IV Tanglefoot - Wikipediaą

    Despite this victory, Mieszko wanted additional territories, but this was against the wishes of the Church, which strongly supported Henry I the Bearded. Thanks to the intervention of Henryk Kietlicz, Archbishop of Gniezno, and Cyprian, Bishop of Wroclaw, Henry I maintained his frontiers, but he had to pay 1000 pieces of silver to his supporters.

  7. Хенрик I Пјаст — Википедија

    (преусмерено са Henry I the Bearded) Хенрик I Пјаст ( Глогов , 1163 - Кросно Оджањскје , 19. март 1238 ) је био кнез Шлеске од 1201. и кнез Кракова и тиме велики кнез целе Пољске.

  8. henry i the bearded : définition de henry i the bearded et ...

    Henry was born in Głogów (Glogau), Silesia. He was the fourth son of the Ducal couple, and in consequence he had little chance to inherit any land.

  9. Henry II the Pious - Wikipedia

    Henry the Pious was the second son of High Duke Henry the Bearded of Poland and Hedwig of Andechs. His elder brother, Bolesław, died in 1206. In 1213, his younger brother Konrad the Curly died during a hunt, leaving the young Henry as the sole heir of Lower Silesia.

  10. Bolko I the Strict - Wikipedia

    Bolko I the Strict also known as the Raw or of Jawor (Polish: Bolko I Surowy or Srogi or Jaworski; 1252/56 – 9 November 1301), was a Duke of Lwówek (Löwenberg) during 1278–81 (with his brother as co-ruler) and Jawor (Jauer) since 1278 (with his brother as co-ruler until 1281), sole Duke of Lwówek since 1286, Duke of Świdnica-Ziębice since 1291.

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