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  1. Hermann II, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    Hermann II (Slovene: Herman; early 1360s – 13 October 1435), Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman and magnate, most notable as the faithful supporter and father-in-law of the Hungarian king and Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg.

  2. Hermann I of Celje - Wikipedia

    Hermann I (German: Hermann von Cilli, Slovene: Herman Celjski; around 1333 – 21 March 1385), Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman, who was head of the House of Celje between 1359 and 1385. In the first decade, he ruled together with his older brother Ulrich .

    • 1359/60 – 1385
    • Ulrich I
  3. Hermann of Cilli - Wikipedia

    Hermann of Cilli (1383–13 December 1421), also known as Armand de Cilli, or Herniosus mit dem Bruche ("Herniosus with the hernia"), was born in Cilli, the illegitimate son, although later legitimated, of Count Hermann II of Celje, of the family of the Counts of Cilli and Sanneck, whose family seat was in Celje Castle (Burg Obercilli, now in Slovenia).

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  5. Ulrich I, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    Ulrich I (German: Ulrich von Cilli, Slovene: Ulrik Celjski; around 1331 – 1368), Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman and condottiere, who was head of the House of Celje between 1359 and 1368, together with his younger brother Hermann I.

  6. William, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    William was the only child of Ulrich I, Count of Celje and Adelaide of Ortenburg. The date of his birth is unknown, but was probably in the early 1360s. After his father's death in 1368, William was raised by his uncle Hermann I of Celje. Hermann ruled in his nephew's name, and upon William's coming of age, they ruled jointly.

    • Aldelaide of Ortenburg
    • Ulrich I
  7. Hermann II, Count of Celje : definition of Hermann II, Count ... II, Count of Celje/en-en

    Hermann II (Slovene: Herman II. Celjski; German: Hermann Graf von Cilli, Ortenburg und Seger) (c. 1365 – 13 October 1435) was a Count of Celje and Ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia. Hermann was the son of Hermann I, Count of Celje and his wife Katherine of Bosnia. Hermann II married Countess Anna of Schaunberg in c. 1377.

  8. Frederick I, Count of Celje - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Celje

    Frederick I of Celje also Frederick I of Cilli (German: Friedrich I. von Cilli, Slovene: Friderik I. Celjski; around 1300 – 21 March 1359), was a Styrian free noble (roughly equivalent to a baron) who became the first Count of Celje, founding a noble house that would dominate Slovenian and Croatian history in the first half of the 15th century.

  9. Counts of Celje - Wikipedia

    Counts of Cilli (Celje) Ulrich I (1331–1368), son of Frederick I, Captain in Carniola , married Countess Adelheid of Ortenburg Herman I (1332/34–1385), son of Frederick I, married Catherine , daughter of Ban Stephen II of Bosnia

  10. Slika:Herman II, Count of Celje.jpg - Wikipedija, prosta ...,_Count_of...

    Hermann II. (Cilli) uporaba na Hermann II, Count of Celje; Wikipedia:WikiProject Croatia/Did you know; Wikipedia:Recent additions/2015/August; Template:Did you know nominations/Hermann II, Count of Celje; uporaba na Armando II de Celje; uporaba na Horvát bánok listája; uporaba na id ...

  11. Celje - Wikipedia

    Hermann II of Celje (1365–1435), Count of Celje, Ortenburg and Seger Andrej Hieng (1925–2000), writer, playwright, screenwriter and dramaturgist Andrej Inkret [ sl ] (1943–2015), critic, essayist, theatrologist and dramaturgist