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    The term "Holy Land" usually refers to a territory roughly corresponding to the modern State of Israel, the Palestinian territories, western Jordan, and parts of southern Lebanon and of southwestern Syria. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all regard it as holy.

    • Judaism

      Jews do not commonly refer to the Land of Israel as "Holy...

    • Christianity

      For Christians, the Land of Israel is considered holy...

    • Islam

      In the Qur'an, the term Al-Ard Al-Muqaddasah is used in a...

    • Bahá'í faith

      Bahá'ís consider Acre and Haifa sacred as Bahá'u'lláh, the...

  2. Holy Land USA - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Holy Land USA is an 18-acre (7.3 ha) theme park in Waterbury, Connecticut, inspired by selected passages from the Bible. It consists of a chapel, stations of the cross, and replicas of catacombs and Israelite villages constructed from cinder blocks, bathtubs, and other discards.

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    The Holy Land Experience is registered as a Christian-based theme park in Orlando, Florida and registered non-profit corporation. HLE conducts weekly church services and bible studies for the general public. HLE’s theme park recreates the architecture and themes of the ancient city of Jerusalem in 1st-century Judea. The Holy Land Experience is owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Jan Crouch was Director and CEO until her death in May 2016.

    Marvin Rosenthal, a Russian/Jewish born Christian minister, purchased the undeveloped property in 1989. Rosenthal founded both the Holy Land Experience and Zion's Hope, which funded the park's initial construction. The park opened in February 2001. The Jewish Defense League prote

    On August 17, 2002, the Holy Land Experience Scriptorium museum opened. It features the Van Kampen Collection of biblically related artifacts. The collection includes ancient scrolls, manuscripts, and early printed editions of the Bible. The collection is the fourth largest of it

    In June 2007, the Holy Land Experience Board of Directors sold the property to the Trinity Broadcasting Network, for an estimated $37 million. The property was an estimated $8 million in debt at the time of the sale. At that time TBN planned to update the park and use the propert

    There are approximately 43 exhibits in the park, including several restaurants and retail shops.

    There was a four-year legal fight concerning unpaid property taxes that Orange County Property Appraiser Bill Donegan alleged were owed. Donegan argued that the Holy Land Experience is a theme park. Donegan dropped his fight after state lawmakers passed a law in 2006 granting a tax exemption for theme parks that display, exhibit, illustrate and interpret biblical manuscripts. This is similar to the tax exemption for museums that present historical information on other subjects. The law prevented

    In February 2020, after a sharp decline in revenue for several years, the park announced that it would be laying off 118 employees -- representing most of its staff -- and would be ending all theatrical productions and other entertainment.

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  5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Holy Land is an area in the Levant that is holy to Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism). The name roughly refers to the region of Palestine. Jews say God gave the Holy Land to them.

  6. Holy Land (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    The Holy Land refers to any place that is considered sacred. Holy Land, roughly the area of modern Israel and Palestine, considered holy by adherents of Abrahamic religions which originated from there (Judaism, Samaritanism, Christianity, Druze) and even Islam

  7. The Holy Land (Hebrew: אֶרֶץ הַקּוֹדֶשׁ Eretz HaKodesh, Latin: Terra Sancta; Arabic: الأرض المقدسة Al-Arḍ Al-Muqaddasah) is an area roughly located between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea that also includes the Eastern Bank of the Jordan River.

  8. The Holy Land (album) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the album by Angra, see Holy Land (album). The Holy Land is a concept album, the third gospel album and 30th overall album by country singer Johnny Cash, released on Columbia Records in 1969.

  9. Holy Land (album) - Wikipedia

    Holy Land is a 1996 concept album by Brazilian metal band Angra. Its theme is centered on the Brazilian land by the time it was discovered in the 16th century, as depicted in the art surrounding the album release. Once fully opened, the cover illustration turns out to be an old 15th-century map.

  10. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Holy Land Foundation (HLF) was the largest Islamic charity in the United States. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, and run by Palestinian-Americans, it was originally known as Occupied Land Fund.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Custody of the Holy Land (Latin: Custodia Terræ Sanctæ) is a custodian priory of the Order of Friars Minor in Jerusalem, founded as Province of the Holy Land in 1217 by Saint Francis of Assisi, who also founded the Franciscan Order.