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    Counts of Cilli (Celje) Ulrich I (1331–1368), son of Frederick I, Captain in Carniola , married Countess Adelheid of Ortenburg Herman I (1332/34–1385), son of Frederick I, married Catherine , daughter of Ban Stephen II of Bosnia

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    Celje became part of independent Slovenia following the Ten-Day War in 1991. On 7 April 2006, Celje became the seat of a new Diocese of Celje, created by Pope Benedict XVI within the Archdiocese of Maribor. The town's tourist sights include a Grayfriars' monastery founded in 1241 and a palace from the 16th century.

    • 238 m (781 ft)
    • 22.7 km² (8.8 sq mi)
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    Family. Hermann II was the younger son of Count Hermann I of Celje and his wife, Catherine of Bosnia.The House of Celje were Styrian vassals of the Habsburg dukes of Styria and Carinthia with estates along the river Savinja, in present-day Slovenia, as well as in much of Carniola and parts of Carinthia.

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    Ulrich I (German: Ulrich von Cilli, Slovene: Ulrik Celjski; around 1331 – 1368), Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman and condottiere, who was head of the House of Celje between 1359 and 1368, together with his younger brother Hermann I.

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    William of Celje (German: Wilhelm von Cilli, Slovene: Viljem Celjski; c. 1361 – 19 August 1392), also William of Cilli, Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman who was married to Anna of Poland, daughter of the Polish king Casimir the Great.

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    Frederick I of Celje also Frederick I of Cilli (German: Friedrich I. von Cilli, Slovene: Friderik I. Celjski; around 1300 – 21 March 1359), was a Styrian free noble (roughly equivalent to a baron) who became the first Count of Celje, founding a noble house that would dominate Slovenian and Croatian history in the first half of the 15th century.

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    Hermann I (German: Hermann von Cilli, Slovene: Herman Celjski; around 1333 – 21 March 1385), Count of Celje, was a Styrian nobleman, who was head of the House of Celje between 1359 and 1385. In the first decade, he ruled together with his older brother Ulrich .

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    – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the European Union (green) Capital and largest city Ljubljana 46°03′N 14°30′E  /  46.050°N 14.500°E  / 46.050; 14.500 Official languages Slovene [i] Recognised regional languages Italian Hungarian Ethnic groups (2002) 83.1% Slovenes 2% Serbs 1.8% Croats 1.6% Bosniaks 0.42% Romani 0.3% Hungarians 0.1% Italians 2.2% Other 8.9% Unspecified ...