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    Because the House of Habsburg-Lorraine is referred to later as today as the House of Habsburg, the historians use the appellation of the Habsburg Monarchy for the countries and provinces that were ruled by the family until 1918. After the First World War, the House of Habsburg was a vehement opponent of National Socialism and Communism.

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      The first member of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine to rule...

    • Radbot

      Radbot, Count of Klettgau (c. 985 – 1045), also known as...

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      Habsburg Spain refers to Spain over the 16th and 17th...

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    Habsburg Monarchy (or Habsburg Empire) is an umbrella term used by historians for the territories, duchies, kingdoms, and other dominions of the House of Habsburg, especially for those of the Austrian branch. Although from 1438 until 1806 (with the exception of 1742–1745) the head of the House of Habsburg was also Holy Roman Emperor, the ...

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    The House of Habsburg became extinct in the 18th century. The senior branch ended when Charles II of Spain died in 1700 and was replaced by the House of Bourbon . The mental and physical handicaps of Charles II were probably caused by inbreeding between relatives in the royal houses of continental Europe.

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    Apart from the core Habsburg dominions, including the triple crowns of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia, several junior branches of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine reigned in the Italian duchies of Tuscany (until 1860), Parma (until 1847) and Modena (until 1859). Another member of the house, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, was Emperor of Mexico ...

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    English: The House of Habsburg Were an important ruling houses of Europe and are best known as the ruling House the Holy Roman Empire, Austrian Empire, Spain and other kingdoms and territories for centuries.

    • 1780
    • dynasty
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  8. The House of Habsburg (/ˈhæpsbɜːrɡ/; German: [ˈhaːpsbʊɐ̯k]; traditionally spelled Hapsburg in English), also called House of Austria was one of the most influential and distinguished royal houses of Europe. The throne of the Holy Roman Empire was continuously occupied by the Habsburgs between 1438 and 1806 except for a short break between 1740 and 1745, and even then it was occupied ...

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    The Hoose o Habsburg (/ ˈ h æ p s. b ɜːr ɡ /; German pronunciation: [ˈhaːps.bʊʁk]), an aa cried Hoose o Hapsburg, or Hoose o Austrick, wis ane o the maist important ryal hooses o Europe.

    • 1700:(Efter the death o Charles II o Spain), 1780:(Efter the daith o Maria Theresa o Austrick)
    • Spainyie branch: Charles (November 1, 1700), Austrick branch: Maria Theresa (November 29, 1780)
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