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    The demesne of the Kotromanić family was, for the most part, located in central Bosnia, including towns and mines such as Visoko, Bobovac, Sutjeska, Fojnica and Kreševo. From 1416 their demesne also included land formerly ruled by the Hrvatinić family, most notably Jajce , which was the dynasty's last seat.

  2. Maria of Bosnia - Wikipedia › wiki › Maria_of_Bosnia

    Maria's parentage and connection to the House of Kotromanić is uncertain. King Louis I of Hungary, husband of Ban Stephen II of Bosnia's daughter Elizabeth, apparently mentions her in a charter as Stephen's II sister.

    • 27 April 1403
    • c. 1353 – April 1403
    • 6 children
    • Ulrich V, Count of Helfenstein
  3. Tvrtko I of Bosnia - Wikipedia › wiki › Tvrtko_I_Kotromanić

    A member of the House of Kotromanić, he succeeded his uncle Stephen II as Ban of Bosnia in 1353. As he was a minor at the time, Tvrtko's father, Vladislav, briefly ruled as regent, followed by Tvrtko's mother, Jelena.

    • (26 October?) 1377
    • September 1353 – October 1377, (interrupted by Vuk, 1365–1366)
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    "King of Bosnia" (1471–1477) appointed by the King of Hungary Matthias of Bosnia (House of Kotromanić) "King of Bosnia" (1465–1471) son of Radivoj of Bosnia, appointed by the Sultan Matija Vojsalić (House of Hrvatinić) "King of Ottoman Bosnia" (1472–1476) appointed by the Sultan, removed for conspiring against the Ottomans

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    Media in category "House of Kotromanić" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Bosna.svg 5,274 × 4,984; 451 KB. ... In Wikipedia ...

    • 5 June 1463 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
    • noble family
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    House of Chalon-Arlay, the second ruling house of the Principality of Orange, also a cadet branch of the Anscarids. Portuguese House of Burgundy, a cadet branch of the House of Capet, which ruled Portugal contemporaneously with the Castilian House of Ivrea. Sources. Wickham, Chris. Early Medieval Italy: Central Power and Local Society 400–1000

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    Kotromanić (serbieraz: Котроманић) errege-dinastia izan zen, XIII-XV. mendeetan Bosnian nagusitu zena. Eztebe Kotromanić-ek ( 1287 - 1314 ) sortu zuen dinastia, Hungariako erregeen mende, eta Eztebe semeak sortu zuen Bosniako Erresuma independentea 1322an .

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    Ostojić István (1400 – 1422. április előtt), bosnyákul: Stjepan Ostojić, kralj Bosne, horvátul: Stjepan Ostojić, kralj u Bosni, szerbül: Стефан Остојић Котроманић, latinul: Stephanus Ostoiae, rex Bosniae, bosnyák király, a Kotromanić-ház tagja. István Tamás bosnyák király féltestvére. Az anyja ...

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    Kotromanić Ninoszlávnak, I. István bosnyák bán és Nemanjić Erzsébet szerb királyi hercegnő (István Dragutin szerb királynak és Árpád-házi Katalin magyar királyi hercegnőnek, V. István magyar király legidősebb lányának a lánya) legkisebb fiának ismeretlen ágyasától született természetes fia.