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    The Piast dynasty was the first historical ruling dynasty of Poland. The first documented Polish monarch was Duke Mieszko I (c. 930–992). [4] The Piasts' royal rule in Poland ended in 1370 with the death of king Casimir III the Great .

    • Origin of the name

      The early dukes and kings of Poland are said to have...

    • History

      The first "Piasts", probably of Polan descent, appeared...

    • Coat of arms

      About 1295, Przemysł II used a coat of arms with a white...

    • Piast rulers

      Piast kings and rulers of Poland appear in list form in the...

  2. House of Godwin - Wikipedia

    The House of Godwin was an Anglo-Saxon (in later generations Anglo-Danish or Anglo-Norse) family, one of the leading noble families in England during the last 50 years before the Norman Conquest. Its most famous member was Harold Godwinson , king of England for nine months in 1066.

  3. Piast the Wheelwright - Wikipedia

    This could hint at Piast's initial position as a majordomo, or a "steward of the house", in the court of another ruler, and the subsequent takeover of power by Piast. This would parallel the development of the early medieval Frankish dynasties, when the Mayors of the Palace of the Merovingian kings gradually usurped political control.

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    Siemowit w Wikipedii po Polsku Siemowit on Wikipedia in English Siemowit (also Ziemowit) was, according to the chronicles of Gallus Anonymus, the son of Piast the Wheelwright and Rzepicha.

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    Feb 15, 2018 · Media in category "Coats of arms of the House of Piast" The following 27 files are in this category, out of 27 total. Cieszyn Piast dynasty COA.png 2,340 × 3,260; 7.53 MB

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    Aug 16, 2020 · English Wikipedia commemorative plaque image Bottega bizantina, reliquiario a capsula con croce, oro, smalti e pietre preziose, xii secolo.jpg 1,704 × 2,622; 2.78 MB

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    In the same year, the Capetian House of Anjou became the ruling house with Louis I as king of both Poland and Hungary. His daughter, Jadwiga , later married Jogaila, the pagan Grand Duke of Lithuania , who in 1386 was baptized and crowned as Władysław II Jagiełło , thus creating the Jagiellonian dynasty and a personal union between Poland ...

  9. Princely houses of Poland and Lithuania - Wikipedia

    According to the chronicles of Gallus Anonymus, the son of Piast the Wheelwright and his wife Rzepicha – Siemowit, became the first ruler of the Piast dynasty. Followed by Lestek and Siemomysł . The first ruler of the Piast dynasty and Civitas Schinesghe (the first recorded name related to Poland as a political entity), who historically is ...

  10. Limburg-Luxemburg dynasty - Wikipedia

    The Limburg-Luxemburg dynasty, one of several families from different periods known as the Luxembourg dynasty (French: Maison de Luxembourg; German: Haus Luxemburg) was a royal family of the Holy Roman Empire in the Late Middle Ages, whose members between 1308 and 1437 ruled as King of the Romans and Holy Roman Emperors as well as Kings of Bohemia (Čeští králové, König von Böhmen) and ...

  11. Huus Piast - Wikipedia

    't Huus Piast was den êeste dynastie van hertoogn en keuniengn van Pooln. Ze regeerdn tusschn de 10e en de 14e êeuwe. Ze regeerdn tusschn de 10e en de 14e êeuwe. Ze zoun ofstammn van de semi-legendoarische figeure Piast de Woagnmoaker (Piast Kołodziej) van de West-Sloavische stam de Poloann.