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    March 1, 1162, Ottone Visconti is the first Milanese appearing in the list of authorities surrendering to the Barbarossa after the capitulation of the city (19th century engraving) The family dispersed into several branches, some of which were entrusted fiefs far off from the Lombard metropolis; the one which gave the Medieval lords of Milan is ...

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    The House of Sforza (pronounced ) was a ruling family of Renaissance Italy, based in Milan. They acquired the Duchy of Milan following the extinction of the Visconti family in the mid-15th century, Sforza rule ending in Milan with the death of the last member of the family's main branch in 1535.

    • 1411
    • Milan: Francesco II (1535), Pesaro: Galeazzo Sforza (1512)
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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to House of Visconti.: Subcategories. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. M Burial sites of the House of Visconti‎ (2 C, 2 P)

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    The Visconti dominated the political scene in northern Italy until 1447, the death of Filippo Maria Visconti without male heirs. Francesco Sforza , the husband of Filippo's daughter, Bianca Maria took power after the fall of the Ambrosian Republic , thereby establishing the House of Sforza .

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    Pope Gregory X, who reigned from 1271 to 1276, was a member of the House of Visconti. The renowned director Luchino Visconti is a scion of this latter family.

    • 1447 (1447)
    • Italian
    • Sforza Castle (main)
    • Filippo Maria Visconti
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    The Visconti of Gallura used a cock as their symbol (Gallura meaning 'land of cocks'), whereas the later Visconti of Milan used a biscione (a great serpent) swallowing a Saracen, or, according to another version, on the contrary giving life to a child.

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    House of Sforza in popular culture * Thomas Harris ' character Hannibal Lecter is a descendant of the House of Sforza. * Dennis "The Carpenter" Maxwell (aka Maxwell Carpenter), a character from White Wolf Game Studio 's original World of Darkness setting, was a man who had risen from his own grave to take revenge on a Mafia family named 'Sforza.'

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    Matteo I Visconti (1250–1322) was the second of the Milanese Visconti family to govern Milan. Matteo was born to Teobaldo Visconti and Anastasia Pirovano. In 1287, Matteo's uncle Ottone Visconti, archbishop and first lord of Milan, nominated him as capitano del popolo of Milan. Following his uncle's death in 1295, he succeeded him as lord of Milan.

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    The early arms of the Duchy of Milan under the House of Visconti. The coronet on the snake distinguishes this variant from the plain arms of the Visconti family. The coronet on the snake distinguishes this variant from the plain arms of the Visconti family.