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    House of Württemberg since 1918 abdication. The legal line of succession of the house of Württemberg has continued to the present, although the house no longer plays any political role. For later rulers, see List of Ministers-President of Württemberg. Heads of the House of Württemberg since 1918 King Wilhelm II, 1918–1921.

    • Duke Carl

      Life. Carl, Duke of Württemberg was born in Friedrichshafen...

    • History

      The House has its origins, according to recent research,...

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    The king appointed the president of the upper chamber; after 1874, the lower chamber elected its own chairman. Members of each house had to be over 25 years of age. Württemberg parliamentary terms lasted six years and all male citizens over 25 had the right to vote in the ballots.

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    Coat of Arms of the Royal Pretender of Württemberg (Order of the Golden Fleece).svg 661 × 818; 857 KB Dankaerts-Historis-9295.tif 3,528 × 4,576; 46.22 MB DH-Brautzug Sulamith.jpg 961 × 1,235; 363 KB

    • 1918
    • noble family
    • Conrad I, Count of Württemberg
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    Fürstenberg is the name of a Swabian noble house in Germany, based primarily in what is today southern Baden-Württemberg near the source of the Danube river.. Numerous members of the family have risen to prominence over the centuries as soldiers, churchmen, diplomats, and academics.

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    Upon William's accession, Württemberg was suffering crop failures and famine in the "Year Without a Summer", in 1816.After taking office, he initiated sweeping reforms, resulting in the approval of the Estates of Württemberg to a constitution on September 25, 1819.

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    William was born the son of Prince Frederick of Württemberg (1808–1870) by his wife Princess Catherine Frederica of Württemberg (1821–1898), herself the daughter of King William I of Württemberg (1781–1864). His parents were first cousins, being the children of two brothers, and William was their only child.

  9. Württemberg [ˈvʏɐtɛmˌbeɐk], formerly known as Wirtemberg, is an area and a former state in southwestern Germany, including parts of the regions Swabia and Franconia. It was originally a Duchy but was raised to a Kingdom in 1806.

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    符騰堡的菲利普(德語: Philipp von Württemberg ,1838年7月30日-1917年10月11日), 符騰堡王朝 ( 英語 : House of Württemberg ) 旁系成員。