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      How to Win at Connect 4: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
      • Control the center. One basic strategy for Connect 4 is to have disks in the middle, because this opens up the most opportunities for you to make connections.
      • Plan multiple moves in advance. Just like in chess, moves in Connect 4 can force you or your opponent to make a reactionary move to block a win.
      • Block your opponent. ...
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    Assemble the board. There are several different types of Connect Four boards, but all come with a grid that hold the checkers and some type of stand that holds the grid. The traditional set-up features two end supports with slots for hooks on each side of the grid to snap into. Once the end supports are attached, place the board on a flat surface, and close the sliding lever at the bottom of ...
    Sort and choose checker colors. Connect Four comes with 21 red checkers and 21 black checkers. Before you begin playing, separate the checkers into piles based on their color. Next, you must decide who will play each color. Whatever color you choose, take that pile of checkers. Your opponent takes the other pile.[2] X Research source If you and your opponent both can’t agree on who should ...
    Decide who will go first. During the course of play, you and your opponent will alternate turns after making a move with a checker. The player who goes first typically has an advantage in the game, so to be fair, you should take turns going first.[3] X Research source If you can’t agree on who goes first, you may want to flip a coin to avoid an argument.
    When you open the sliding lever at the bottom of the grid to release the checkers, it’s a good idea to do it over the box that the game comes in. That way, the box will catch the checkers so you don’t lose any. Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
    The best moves are the ones that provide with multiple ways to win. For example, a move that you sets you up to get four checkers in a row horizontally and diagonally is usually the most effective. That’s because you can still win even if your opponent blocks one of the directions. Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
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    To win Connect Four, all you have to do is connect four of your colored checker pieces in a row, much the same as tic tac toe. This can be done horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Each player will drop in one checker piece at a time. This will give you a chance to either build your row, or stop your opponent from getting four in a row.

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    How to Play Connect Four: This is a game played by two people. But for this version of game, you don't need the plastic grid. In this version you need to draw the 7x6 grid (with 7 as the base) in the paper.

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    Connect Four (also known as Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Four in a Row, Four in a Line, Drop Four, and Gravitrips in the Soviet Union) is a two-player connection board game, in which the players choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid. Is there a strategy to connect 4?

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    Connect 4 Board Game Rules: How do you Play Connect Four? Connect Four has remained a timeless game over the years for very good reason. The game is fun and approachable, which makes it accessible for people of all ages.

  6. Play Connect 4 on CBC Kids. It’s the classic game you love to play with your friends and family. Can you connect four of your coloured disks by dropping them into the holder before your opponent ...

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    Jun 24, 2020 · Before we start exploring the structure of a Deep Q-Learning agent to play Connect 4, let’s first briefly overview the structure of a simple, much less useful Q-Learning agent. The basic idea of Q-Learning is to create a map of the entire observation space, and within this map, record the agents actions.

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