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    How do you Say 'Hello' in Ukrainian?

    What do you say in kurainian?

    What do Ukrainians say?

    What is Hello in Ukraine?

  2. How to say “Thank you” in Ukrainian - Quora

    The most common way to express gratitude in Ukrainain is “Дякую” This lesson 05. Thank you phrases in Ukrainian will teach you many other ways how to sayThank you”+ useful responses in Ukrainian language.

  3. How do you say Thank You in Ukrainian? - BabelFish

    Our thank you flowers and gifts will get started in saying thank you. Наше спасибі квіти і подарунки буде почати роботу в сказати спасибі. (Ukrainian translation)

  4. 14 Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Your Trip to Ukraine (+ a ...
    • Добрий день /dobryj den’/ = hello. Ukrainians use different phrases to say “hello”, depending on the time of the day. But “dobryj den” is universal and the most used.
    • Привіт /pryv’it/ = hi. “Pryvit” is “hi” between friends and people you know well. You could also use “pryvit” to greet people you don’t know in an informal situation, for example, at a party.
    • Дякую /d’akuju/ = thank you. Be grateful! Say “d’akuju” whenever you feel like you want to thank people.
    • Будь ласка /bud’ laska/ = You’re welcome or Please. 1) Did someone just say “d’akuju” to you? Be polite and say “bud’ laska” (=you’re welcome) in response!
  5. Useful Ukrainian phrases - Omniglot

    Useful Ukrainian phrases. A collection of useful phrases in Ukrainian, an Eastern Slavic language spoken mainly in Ukraine. Jump to phrases. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder.

  6. Do You Know How to Say Thank you very much in Ukrainian?

    If you want to know how to say Thank you very much in Ukrainian, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Ukrainian better. Here is the translation and the Ukrainian word for Thank you very much:

    • How do you say puzzle in Ukrainian ?

      8 answers

      Your mom’s almost right. We called it "мозаїка" ("mozayika") before. There is a letter "ї" (with 2 dots) in this word. But now we use the word which came from English - ПАЗЛ (we don’t use double consonant letters in such words usually). You...

    • how do you say how are you ? in ukrainian ?

      2 answers

      bud laska is please in Ukrainian how are you? is yak vee? (pronounce like in English word been ) (як ви?) or yak spravee? (як справи?)

    • how do you say love in Ukrainian ?

      5 answers

      There are two ways to say it. One is кохання...which is pronounced kohanya or любов...which is pronounced lubov

  7. How to say Thank you in Ukrainian # 85 - YouTube

    Jan 18, 2018 · 23 videos Play all Ukrainian phrases Ukrainian Language Learn to say Breakfast, lunch, Dinner / Supper # 92 - Duration: 12:07. Ukrainian Language 3,962 views

    • 8 min
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    • Ukrainian Language
  8. How to say thank you in Ukrainian Translation

    There is a restaurant over there, but I do not think it's very good, culprit, heart full of roses for you, let's eat, pedofile, lunch break, sunny, pathetic, immunoassy, i miss you, Take me into your presence, Lord. Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within in. Love me for who I am.

  9. What is 'Thank you' in Ukrainian - Answers'Thank_you'_in_Ukrainian

    That means 'thank you'. How do you say thank you for listening in Ukrainian? In Ukrainian you should say "Dyakuyu za uvaghu" (дякую за увагу) Spaciba za vnimaniye is Russian.

  10. Ukrainian Phrases - Learn Languages

    How do you say "thank you" in Ukrainian? Як сказати "thank you" українською мовою? I͡Ak skazatī "thank you" ukraїns'koi͡u movoi͡u? What is this? Що це? Shcho t͡se? My Ukrainian is bad: Я погано розмовляю українською мовою I͡A pogano rozmovli͡ai͡u ukraїns'koi͡u movoi͡u: Don ...

  11. How do you say 'Thank you' in Ukrainian - Answers'Thank_you'_in...

    In Ukrainian you should say "Dyakuyu za uvaghu" (дякую за увагу) Spaciba za vnimaniye is Russian.