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  2. Who Is Nubia, Wonder Woman's Long-Lost Twin Sister? | Screen Rant

    Wonder Woman's long-lost twin sister is getting her own young adult graphic novel from DC Comics in Nubia: Real One. Wonder Woman's long-lost twin sister Nubia will be starring in her first-ever solo book, as DC Comics announced a new YA Graphic Novel titled Nubia: Real One. The graphic novel will bring a new contemporary twist on the character, who made a striking debut back in the 1970s but never really was given a long-term presence in the comics.

    • Liam Mcguire
  3. Meet Nubia - Wonder Woman's Black twin sister

    A DC character you should know about (and perhaps don't) is Nubia, the twin sister of Wonder Woman introduced to DC Comics in 1973 and revamped in 1985 (as Nu'Bia).

    • Jill Robi
  4. Nubia (comics) - Wikipedia

    Nubia (also sometimes Nu'Bia) is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics publications and related media, commonly as an ally and analogue of the super hero Wonder Woman. Originally Wonder Woman's long-lost twin sister, Nubia has since variously been presented as: a non-sibling Amazon contemporary of Wonder Woman, as a parallel-universe ...

    • Nu'Bia, Wonder Woman of the Floating Island, Wonder Woman of the Slaughter Island
    • DC Comics
  5. What Happened To Nubia, Wonder Woman's Black Sister?

    Sep 23, 2020 · January of 1973 saw the first appearance of Nubia, a black character in Wonder Woman #204 who is eventually revealed to be Diana’s long lost sister. If the name doesn’t ring any bells, it’s most likely because the character made only a handful of appearances and then largely disappeared.

  6. Wonder Woman's Twin Spotlighted in NUBIA: A REAL ONE - DC ...

    Jun 08, 2020 · Who is Nubia? A character first introduced in 1973, Nubia was created alongside her sister, Diana aka Wonder Woman. However, she was stolen away by Ares, the God of War, and in adulthood came into conflict with Wonder Woman. However, the two eventually reconciled and Nubia took her place amongst her Amazonian sisters.

  7. NUBIA: A REAL ONE Lets Wonder Woman's Sister Shine - Nerdist

    Wonder Woman’s comic twin sister is getting her chance to shine. Per The Hollywood Reporter, DC Comics will release Nubia: A Real One, a YA graphic novel, on February 2, 2021.

  8. Nubia is the twin sister of 'Wonder Woman' — and she is ...

    Jun 15, 2017 · Wonder Woman’s twin sister. Nubia is not the foil to Diana, Wonder Woman’s true identity, but a true equal. According to the DC lore, she was created in 1973 out of the same clay used to make...

  9. Nubia | Wonder Woman Wiki | Fandom

    Pre-Crisis. Nubia was Wonder Woman's "black sister", created from black clay, just as Diana was created from white clay. Both were brought to life by Aphrodite, but Nubia was stolen by Ares /Mars (the Greek and Roman names were interchangeable, and more often than not, the Roman names were used. Mars was one of the gods whose Roman name was used.), so Nubia did not get the powers that was given to Diana.

    • Amazon
    • Robert Kanigher, Don Heck
    • Amazons, Wonder Woman (sister)
    • Wonder Woman v1 #204 (February 1973)
  10. Wonder Woman's Black Sister, Princess Nubia (Black WW ...

    Relatives: Hippolyta (Mother), Diana/Wonder woman (sister), Donna/Harbinger (Sister) Skills and Abilities: Abducted by Ares and taught the ways of warfare she is a highly proficient hand to hand combatant and martial artist having defeated Wonder woman in their first meeting. Nubia has further training after joining the amazons. Powers

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