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  2. Is Saint Nicholas a god? - International Cognition and ... › is-saint-nicholas-a-god

    Dec 06, 2008 · Justin Barrett in the paper 'Why Santa Claus is not a God', published in the Journal of Cognition and Culture, nevertheless argued that Santa (who is similar to Saint Nick in many relevant aspects) is not a God, although he conforms better to several criteria for divinity than other counterintuitive agents like Mickey Mouse or the Tooth fairy.

  3. Who Is Saint Nick (St. Nicholas)? - RPM Ministries › who-is-saint-nick-st-nicholas

    Dec 25, 2019 · Bishop Nicholas He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors.

  4. Who is St. Nicholas? | Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic ... › 2018/12/04 › who-is-st-nicholas

    Dec 04, 2018 · Saint Nick saint because he adores God and his saints that makes him holy and a humble man also the man of his word might not come right away but maybe. You will get it right away also that is why he is Saint Nick.You should also pray to Saint Nick, God, and God’s saints. By Justin – Grade 5 Saint Nick is a saint.

  5. Is Saint Nicholas Pro-Life? - American Life League - › is-saint-nicholas-pro-life

    Dec 06, 2017 · Like St. Nicholas, we strive to make sure that all children—especially very young preborn babies—are protected, loved, and cherished as gifts from God. This Christmas season, follow in the footsteps of St. Nicholas and give generously of your talents to people who will never be able to repay you.

  6. Top 10 Facts about Saint Nicholas - Listverse › top-10-facts-about-saint-nicholas

    Dec 14, 2007 · 2. Saint Nicholas: A Saint for a Season. Saint Nicholas Day is a festival for children in much of Europe related to surviving legends of the saint, and particularly his reputation as a bringer of gifts. The American Santa Claus, as well as the Anglo-Canadian and British Father Christmas, derive from these legends.

  7. Saint Nicholas and the Origins of Santa Claus › blog › saint-nicholas-origins

    Dec 17, 2018 · Not quite, but he probably was bearded, did wear a hat, and did travel in horse-drawn, not reindeer-drawn, transportation. The legend behind Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas, the fourth-century bishop of Myra. His hat was the bishop’s mitre. Nicholas was born in modern day Turkey to a rather wealthy family.

  8. 7 Saints Considered to be the Patron of Sailors | Lay Cistercians › patron-saint-of-sailors
    • Saint Brendan. One of the most popular patron saints is Saint Brendan (in Irish Gaelic Brénaind), a Celtic saint and hero of legendary voyages in the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas of Myra is probably the most well-known saint in the world. You might know him by his more popular name, “Santa Claus.” Saint Nicholas was born in present-day Turkey.
    • Saint Christopher. Saint Christopher has an incredibly unique story. He was venerated as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Though he’s one of the most popular saints, his existence remains a topic for debate.
    • Saint Clement. Clement of Rome is said to be the third successor of Saint Peter and the first Apostolic Father of the Church. We don’t know too much about Saint Clement I’s life since only a few details have been given.
  9. Nicholas of Cusa - Wikipedia › wiki › Nicholas_of_Cusa

    Nicholas of Cusa (1401 – 11 August 1464), also referred to as Nicholas of Kues and Nicolaus Cusanus (/ k j uː ˈ s eɪ n ə s /), was a German philosopher, theologian, jurist, mathematician and astronomer.

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