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    Is it okay to use the word alright?

    Can you go wrong with all right?

    Do everything that Alright does?

    Is it safe to play Alright on all right?

  2. All Right or Alright – Which Is Correct? | Merriam-Webster › words-at-play › all-right

    Which leads us to this concluding recommendation: use alright if you like it and don't care that it's not the favored form. There's nothing essentially wrong with it. Use all right if you need people to know that you know what's all right—at least according to your English teacher (and a lot of other folks).

  3. Should You Write Alright or All Right? - The Blue Book of ... › blog › spelling

    Few will ever question you if you use all right in a paper or report, but some may object to alright. That does not close the case on the shortened version of the word. Is It Wrong to Be Alright? Some dictionaries and grammatical guides consider alright to be off-limits, but the consensus is not

  4. Alright or All Right? - Grammar Monster › easily_confused › alright

    "Alright" Is Still Not Widely Accepted Many people use "alright" unaware that it is not universally accepted as a word. It should be written "all right." However, the merger of "all right" to "alright" has been underway for over a century, and it is becoming more acceptable. Mergers such as "altogether" and "already" are fully acceptable.

  5. Alright vs. All Right—Learn the Difference Quickly | Grammarly › blog › alright-vs-all-right

    If you always use two words, you can never go wrong. The battle of alright vs. all right is ultimately a no-brainer, because all right is always all right. If you use alright informally in emails or texts to friends, however, your recipients will certainly know what it means.

  6. Is 'alright' all right? | Macmillan Dictionary Blog › is-alright-all-right

    Apr 01, 2019 · Alright is not wrong, but many people think it is, so writers are often mindful of where and whether to use it. Editors and publishers will keep ‘fixing’ it until it’s more widely accepted, especially in literary and other elevated contexts. But alright will struggle to gain acceptability until it appears more in those same contexts – a ...

  7. How to Use All right vs. alright Correctly – Grammarist › usage › all-right-alright

    The use of alright in place of all right has never been condoned by dictionaries or usage authorities, but this convention is not likely to last. Web searches already generate approximately one alright for every all right, and the brevity and versatility of alright is likely to overpower the clunkiness (in some uses) of all right.

  8. Is 'alright' a word? - Quora › Is-alright-a-word

    If your answer is "yes," then do not listen to my advice and do as you please. No, it is not all right to use "alright" in any kind of writing. If you do, you will be seen as a lightweight, fluff, or blog writer, not as a serious writer who writes for publication.

  9. However, during one descriptive action scene she used the word “alright” – which in my book is “all wrong.” I asked my wife how she would use and spell the word “all right” – her response she said depended upon how it was used in the sentence, but she sided with “alright” and made what I thought was a lame argument in defense.

  10. Is 'alright' an acceptable word? - Language Polls ... › poll › 42

    In the first example, it seems more suitable, in my opinion, to use "alright", while the second example feels completely wrong. Using the logic that we would say "alwrong" doesn't work. We say "altogether", but don't say "alapart".

  11. meaning - Is it "alright" or "allright"? - English Language ... › questions › 12996

    alright is "a variant spelling of all right." "USAGE NOTE The form alright, though very common, is still considered by many people to be wrong or less acceptable" The entry for all right includes: "all-right (US slang) acceptable; reliable." allright doesn't even merit an entry. So 'alright' is all right, but 'allright' is wrong, at least in my ...

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