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    • Where is the Hall of Shadows in World of Warcraft?

      • After a minute, a courier will approach you with a message from Lord Jorach Ravenholdt, inviting you to the Hall of Shadows. You’ll then need to make your way to Glorious Goods, a shop in the southmost part of Dalaran, just to the left of the bank and to the right of a fountain and the fishing trainer. Head inside and speak to the vendor.
  1. Aug 30, 2016 · The Hall of Shadows is the special class hall for Rogues in World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion. It’s full of pirates, thieves, and even the Baron of Gadgetzan himself, but how do you get there?

    • Sharon Coone
  2. The Hall of Shadows is made up of multiple parts; First is the stairs from Glorious Goods which leads to the Cloaked Vestibule. From there, the majority of vendors in this class hall can be found along the northern stone gangway before coming to the bridge which leads southwest to the old Cantrips and Crows Tavern.

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  4. Dec 05, 2015 · Everything in the Hall of Shadows was remade from scratch, and so I’ve made a series of screenshots comparing the Hall of Shadows as it currently exists in the Legion Alpha, to the corresponding section of the Underbelly on live servers. Now you can decided for yourself how “recycled” the rogue class hall may be.

  5. Aug 31, 2016 · The Hall of Shadows includes several subzones, such as the Chamber of Shadows, the Cloaked Vestibule, the Den of Thieves, a Hidden Corridor, the Tunnel of Woe, and the Uncrowned Vault. At the entrance of the Class Hall, there are 10 armor racks that will show the head and shoulders of the tier sets the player has fully unlocked.

  6. Class halls are part of the Legion gameplay. You also have to be able to start your artifact quest line (can start it at 98) to be able to go to class halls, class halls are level 98-110, so you can't visit them at level 21. You can visit old Dalaran in Northrend but you can not go to new Dalaran or your class hall. 6. level 2.

  7. Aug 30, 2016 · WoW Legion: Where is Akazamzarak? Gotta love a new expansion with all its glitches. When you pick up the quest to bribe Akazamzarak the map shows you need to go to the Hall of Shadows in Dalaran. Trouble is, that’s the class hall for Rogues only and there’s also the issue that Akazamzarak isn’t there anyway for this quest.

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