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    The novels trace much of the history of the family through individual members of the family as they move across the Atlantic from England, settle in the Appalachians, and then move west to the Great Plains, the Rockies, and California. Unlike novels by such writers as James A. Michener, these stories do not trace the rise and fall of the fortunes of a clan or extended family, but simply tie together significant and minor characters in several of the Western novels. L'Amour's Sackett family originates in The Fens of Cambridgeshire in East Anglia. The patriarch of the family, Barnabas Sackett, becomes a merchant captain and eventually settles with his wife Abigail (née Tempany) in what will become the borderlands of North Carolina and Tennessee. The family quickly divides into three clans, sired by several of their sons: the "Smoky Mountain Sacketts", "Cumberland Gap Sacketts", and "Clinch Mountain Sacketts". There are also Flatland Sacketts, but are rarely touched upon in the novels....

    This is the third of the Sackett novels and published in 1961 (Daybreakers was the first, published in 1960, though it is not the first chronologically). It tells the story of William Tell Sackett, a Union Army veteran who makes his way West in the years following the War, hoping to settle down at the right place as a rancher. He is the main character in several other Sackett books including Mojave Crossing, The Lonely Men, Treasure Mountain, and The Sackett Brand, among others. He is the brother of Tyrel and Orrin Sackett, who went west to New Mexico circa 1870-1872. Tell is also the 'ugly duckling' (by his own admission) of the family. However, he does meet a beautiful woman named 'Ange Kerry' in Sackett and falls in love. He loses her when she is brutally raped and murdered in "The Sackett Brand.". He meets another lady in Treasure Mountain, and presumably marries her. L'Amour has left the ending to the imagination of the reader in this novel. L'Amour confirmed to Dr. John Sacket...

    This non-fiction book, published in 1988 a few months after Louis L'Amour's death, is his personal guide to the Sackett novels, with long lists of characters, locations, ships, weapons, and summaries of each of the novels.

    Sackett's Land, published in 1974, is the first novel chronologically of the Sackett novels, taking place around AD 1600 in England (including The Fens and Queen Elizabeth I's London), on the Atlantic Ocean, and the Atlantic Seaboard of North America, particularly in the vicinity of Cape Hatteras. The main character and narrator is Barnabas Sackett, son of mercenary and freeholder Ivo Sackett.

    The Sacketts was a two-part TV movie broadcast on May 15 & 16, 1979, based on the novels The Daybreakers and Sackett. It starred Sam Elliott as Tell Sackett, Tom Selleck as Orrin, and Jeff Osterhage as Tyrell, but also featured parts for Western movie veterans, including Glenn Ford, Gilbert Roland, Jack Elam, Slim Pickens, Pat Buttram, and Mercedes McCambridge (as "Ma Sackett"). It was later released in a cut-down version as The Daybreakers.

    Barnabas Sackett-The founding member of the Sackett clan. Travels to the New World to escape the warrant of the Queen. Killed by Seneca Indians. Son of Ivo Sackett, soldier and war hero. Kin-Ring Sackett-First son of Barnabas Sackett, born on a buffalo robe in the heat of battle. First Sackett born in the New World. Married Diana Macklin from Cape Ann. Brian Sackett-Fourth son of Barnabas Sackett. Leaves America with his mother and sister to study law in England Yance Sackett-Second son of Barnabas Sackett. Best known for his quick temper and strength and willingness of action. Founder of Clinch Mountain Branch of Sacketts. Married a girl named Temperance Penney from Cape Ann. Jublain Sackett (Jubal)-Third son of Barnabas Sackett. He was the first Sackett to cross the mountains and see the plains. Known as the quiet one, he is a ghost in the woods. Spends much time away from home and eventually quits the hills of North Carolina for the Rocky Mountains. Marries Itchakomi Ishaia, a "S...

    The three main and most well known characters are the three brothers, sons of Colburn Sackett; Tell, Orrin, and Tyrel. Their father liked his horses fast, his drinks hard, and his preachers Hellfire hot, and raised his three sons accordingly. Although they often go long periods without seeing one another, they're completely devoted to one another, and come to each other's aid any time needed, dropping all else that they might be involved in at the time, true to the one bind rule in their lives: "When you hunt one Sackett, you hunt 'em all" William Tell Sackett (Tell)- Oldest son of Colburn Sackett ("Ride the Dark Trail" section of "The Sackett Companion"). Fought for the Union in the Civil War. A hard, tough, quiet man who wants only to be left alone, it takes very little to anger Tell, and he will fight like a rabid wolf if pushed, as several men have found out - usually, it's the last mistake they make. He's a loner, at home in the High Lonesome, often going years without seeing o...

    The 1982 made for TV movie The Shadow Riders was based upon another Louis L'Amour novel and stars Sam Elliott (Dal Traven), Tom Selleck (Mac Traven), and Jeff Osterhage (Jesse Traven) in similar roles to those they play in The Sacketts. However, neither the novel nor the movie are connected with the Sackett Saga. The movie was made primarily to capitalize on the success of The Sacketts

    All the Sackett novels are told from the first-person perspective with some stories having a paragraph or two told through a third-person perspective. The following list is of all 18 novels that were completed during Mr. L'Amour's lifetime. The name that is adjoined to each title tells through whose perspective the story is told. Other Sackett novels are frequently mentioned through passing and other Sackett characters are also mentioned in several of the novels. 1. Bendigo Shafter - Ethan Sackett (1979) won a U.S. National Book Award in the one-year category Western. 1. Sackett's Land– Barnabas Sackett 2. To The Far Blue Mountains– Barnabas Sackett 3. The Warrior's Path– Kin Ring Sackett 4. Jubal– Jublain Sackett 5. Ride the River– Echo Sackett 6. The Daybreakers– Tyrel Sackett 7. Sackett– Tell Sackett 8. Mojave Crossing– Tell Sackett 9. The Sackett Brand– Tell Sackett 10. The Lonely Men– Tell Sackett 11. Lonely on the Mountain– Tell Sackett 12. Lando– Lando Sackett 13. The Skyline...

    Delos Bennett Sackett, Civil War general
    Augustine Sackett, US engineer (1841–1914), the finder of "Sackett board" (German and TurkishWikipedia)
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    He is the brother of Tyrel and Orrin Sackett, who went west to New Mexico in 1867 in "The Daybreakers". Tell is also the 'ugly duckling' (by his own admission) of the family. However, he does meet a beautiful woman named Ange Kerry in Sackett and falls in love. He loses her when she is brutally murdered in "The Sackett Brand.".

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    The Sackett family is an American pioneer family that lives the vivid life full of adventure and spirit in the American frontier. The women and men of the family challenge the uncharted wilderness as they embark on a quest to fulfill their dreams.

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    William Saket, of Southborough, St Peter in Thanet, Kent, was born presumably in the late 1200s.He appears in records dating from 1317, 1318, and 1327. William is the earliest Sackett so far discovered. In 1317, he was one of a number of tenants of the Abbot

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    Membership in TSFA is open to anyone with an interest in the Sackett family history. The only requirements for membership are an interest in Sackett family history and a willingness to share research findings with other members. There are no fees for membership. For more information, see . That site also has a ...

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    James is the son of Joel Lewis (1776-1840) and Rachel Stapleton. > > Because James named family members after those he knew, I believe there is some connection between the Lewis and Sackett family--likely in the mid-1800s. > > I'd like to join the association.

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    Augustus Sacket. (1769-1827) Father. Samuel Sackett (1724-1780) Mother. Mary Betts (-1784) Augustus Sacket (1769–1827) who founded the village of Sackets Harbor. Augustus Sacket, lawyer, soldier, businessman, founder of the village of Sackets Harbor, son of Samuel Sackett and Mary Betts, was born in New York City G on 10 November 1769. 1 He died aged 57 in Albany, New York State G, on 22 April 1827 1, 2 and was buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Sacket's Harbor, Jefferson County, New York State G.

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    Jan 30, 2021 · There’s information on the Sackett Lake, Thompson - Mamakating, NY real estate market at the bottom of search results pages, if you’re looking for an overview of the area. If you’d like to work with a professional, contacting real estate agents in Sackett Lake, Thompson - Mamakating, NY is very easy.

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    Nov 30, 2012 · Twenty members of the Sackett Family Association gathered recently in Westfield, Massachusetts, for the 2012 reunion. Convenors Debbie Barbee and Sharon Powalka had arranged a busy and most interesting package of events, including guest speakers, visits to places of Sackett interest, research trips, a genealogy forum, business meeting, and reunion dinner.

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