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    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL; / ˈ aɪ s əl, ˈ aɪ s ɪ l /), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS; / ˈ aɪ s ɪ s /), officially known as the Islamic State (IS) and also known by its Arabic-language acronym Daesh (Arabic: داعش ‎, romanized: Dāʿish, IPA: [ˈdaːʕɪʃ]), is a militant group and a ...

    • 1999–present, Established under the name of Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad: 1999, Joined al-Qaeda: October 2004, Declaration of an Islamic state in Iraq: 13 October 2006, Claim of territory in the Levant: 8 April 2013, Separated from al-Qaeda: 3 February 2014, Declaration of caliphate: 29 June 2014, Claim of territory in Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen: 13 November 2014, Claim of territory in South Asia: 29 January 2015, Claim of territory in Nigeria: 12 March 2015, Claim of territory in North Caucasus: 23 June 2015, Recapture of Mosul by Iraqi forces: 20 July 2017, Capture of Raqqa by SDF forces: 17 October 2017, Loses all of its territory in Syria: 23 March 2019, Killing of Baghdadi: October 27, 2019
    • Baqubah, Iraq (2006–2007), No central headquarters (2007–2013), Raqqa, Syria (2013–2017), Mayadin, Syria (June–October 2017), Al-Qa'im, Iraq (October–November 2017), Abu Kamal, Syria (November 2017), Hajin, Syria (November 2017 – December 2018), Al-Susah, Syria (December 2018 – January 2019), Al-Marashidah, Syria (January–February 2019), Al-Baghuz Fawqani, Syria (February–March 2019), Unknown headquarters (March 2019–present)
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    The Islamic State of Iraq (ISI; Arabic: دولة العراق الإسلامية ‎ Dawlat al-ʿIrāq al-ʾIslāmiyyah) (commonly referred to as al-Qaeda in Iraq) was a militant Salafist jihadist group that aimed to establish an Islamic state in Sunni, Arab-majority areas of Iraq during the Iraq War and later in Syria during the Syrian Civil War.

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    Look up ISIS, Isiac, Iside, Isis, or isis in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Isis is a goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt. ISIS refers to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria , a Salafi jihadist unrecognised proto-state and militant group.

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    The Secrets of Isis, originally broadcast as Isis, is an American live-action superhero television series produced by Filmation from 1975 to 1977 for CBS's Saturday morning lineup. The series was renamed The Secrets of Isis in syndication.

    • September 6, 1975 –, October 23, 1976
    • CBS
  5. Isis is a goddess in Egyptian mythology.She was known as the goddess of the moon. As goddess of life and magic, Isis protected women and children, and healed the sick. Closely linked to the throne, she was one of the greatest goddesses of Ancient

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    Isis Composite image of Isis's most distinctive Egyptian iconography, based partly on images from the tomb of Nefertari Name in hieroglyphs Egyptian: ꜣst Meroitic: Wos[a] or Wusa Major cult center Behbeit el-Hagar, Philae Symbol Tyet Personal information Parents Geb and Nut Siblings Osiris, Set, Nephthys, Horus the Elder Consort Osiris, Min, Serapis, Horus the Elder Offspring Horus, Min ...

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    Neste papel ela era chamada de Isis Pelagia, "Ísis do Mar", ou também Isis Pharia, em referência a uma vela de navegação ou à ilha de Faros, local do Farol de Alexandria. [159] Esta forma de Ísis emergiu durante os tempos helênicos e pode ter sido inspirada por imagens egípcias da deusa em uma barca, além de por deuses gregos que ...

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    Isis (sometimes stylized ISIS) was an American post-metal band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1997. The band borrowed from and helped to evolve the post-metal sound pioneered by bands such as Neurosis and Godflesh, characterized by lengthy songs focusing on repetition and evolution of structure.

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    Jul 09, 2020 · Isis ( Egyptian mythology ) An ancient Egyptian goddess , the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus , worshiped as the ideal mother and wife and as the matron of nature and magic. ( astronomy ) 42 Isis , a main belt asteroid .

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    Isis, myös ISIS ja IS (engl. the Islamic State (IS), the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), arab. الدولة الاسلامية‎ ‎, Ad-Dawla al-’Islāmiyya, Islamilainen valtio) tai ISIL ja Daesh on pohjoisessa Irakissa ja Syyriassa toimiva jihadistijärjestö.