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  1. Jeanne of Saint-Pol - Wikipedia

    Jeanne of Saint-Pol (died 1407) was the only daughter of Waleran III of Luxembourg and his first wife Maud Holland, and thus a step-granddaughter to Edward, the Black Prince through her mother's side. Her maternal grandmother was Joan of Kent.

  2. Jeanne of Bar, Countess of Marle and Soissons - Wikipedia,_Countess_of...

    Jeanne de Bar, suo jure Countess of Marle and Soissons, Dame d'Oisy, Viscountess of Meaux, and Countess of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, de Ligny, and Conversano was a noble French heiress and Sovereign Countess. She was the only child of Robert of Bar, Count of Marle and Soissons, Sire d'Oisy, who was killed at the Battle of Agincourt when she was a baby, leaving her the sole heiress to his titles and estates. In 1430, at the age of fifteen, Jeanne was one of the three women placed in charge of Joan o

    • 1415, France
    • House of Montbéliard
    • 14 May 1462 (aged 46–47), France
    • Jeanne de Béthune, Viscountess of Meaux (died late 1450)
  3. Joan, Countess of Ligny - Wikipedia

    Joan, Countess of Saint-Pol and Ligny (d. 18 September 1430, Avignon), called the Demoiselle de Luxembourg, was the daughter of Guy of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny and Mahaut of Châtillon, Countess of Saint-Pol.

  4. Jean de Saint-Pol (1370-1397) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Jean de Saint-Pol, comte de Saint-Pol, seigneur de Beaurevoir, was born 1370 to Guy I de Ligny (c1340-1371) and Mahaut de Châtillon (c1335-1378) and died 1397 of unspecified causes. He married Marguerite d'Enghien (c1365-) circa1380 JL . Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet...

    • 1370
    • Marguerite d'Enghien (c1365-)
    • Mahaut de Châtillon (c1335-1378)
    • comte de Saint-Pol seigneur de Beaurevoir
  5. Louis of Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol - Wikipedia,_Count...

    Jeanne de Bar, Countess of Marle and Soissons Marie of Savoy: Father: Peter of Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol: Mother: Margaret de Baux

  6. Margaret, Countess of Brienne - Wikipedia

    Marguerite d'Enghien, suo jure Countess of Brienne and of Conversano, suo jure Heiress of Enghien, and Lady of Beauvois, was a wealthy noblewoman from the County of Hainaut in her own right, having inherited the counties of Brienne and of Conversano, and the Lordship of Enghien from her father Louis of Enghien on 17 March 1394. She was the wife of John of Luxembourg, Sire of Beauvois and the mother of Peter of Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol, Count of Brienne and of Conversano who inherited her f

  7. Philip I, Duke of Brabant - Wikipedia,_Duke...

    Jeanne of Saint-Pol Philip I, Duke of Brabant , also known as Philip of Saint Pol (25 July 1404 – Leuven , 4 August 1430), was the younger son of Antoine, Duke of Brabant and Jeanne of Saint-Pol , and succeeded his brother John IV as Duke of Brabant in 1427. [1]

  8. Matilda of Brabant, Countess of Artois - Wikipedia

    On 16 January 1255, Matilda married her second husband Guy III, Count of Saint-Pol. He was a younger son of Hugh I, Count of Blois and Mary, Countess of Blois. They had six children: Hugh II, Count of Blois (died 1307), Count of Saint Pol and later Count of Blois; Guy IV, Count of Saint-Pol (died 1317), Count of Saint Pol

  9. Her sister was Blanche of Brittany, wife to Philip of Artois and mother of Margaret of Artois, Robert III of Artois and Jeanne of Artois. Margaret was mother of Jeanne d'Évreux, Queen of France. [edit]Marriage. She married Guy IV, Count of Saint-Pol in 1292, their children were: John of Châtillon (d. 1344), Count of Saint Pol

  10. Margaret of Baux - Wikipedia

    Margaret of Baux (French: Marguerite des Baux, Italian: Margherita del Balzo; 1394 – 15 November 1469) was a Countess of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, and of Conversano.She was a member of the noble House of Baux of the Kingdom of Naples, which had its origins in Provence dating back to the 11th century.