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    John, Prince of Asturias. Isabella I was quite an attentive mother for such a busy queen. John, being her only son, had a special place in her heart and she referred to him affectionately as ’my angel’ even when he was being reprimanded by her, [2] John's wetnurse was Maria de Guzman, a member of the powerful Spanish House of Mendoza.

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      Childhood and Life in France. Margaret was born on 10...

    • Early life

      John was born in Seville in 1478 to the sovereigns of...

    • Childhood

      Isabella I was quite an attentive mother for such a busy...

    • Marriage plans

      During his early years, one potential wife for John was...

    • Education

      As heir to the throne Isabella and Ferdinand paid special...

    • Marriage

      Infanta Joanna left Spain to marry Philip the Handsome in...

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    With Prince John the title was added to a list of titles used by the Hispanic monarchy, the heir adding the titles of Prince of Asturias, Girona (1496), Spain, and the New World. The imperialist aspirations are observed in the new title of the heir of the Catholic Monarchs: "Prince of these Kingdoms, Prince of the Spains and the New World ...

  3. John, Prince of Asturias (Spanish: Juan; 30 June 1478 – 4 October 1497), was the only son of Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon who survived to adulthood.

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    On the tomb of John, Prince of Asturias and Girona in St Thomas's Royal Monastery, sculpted by Domenico Fancelli, is shown the undifferenced Catholic Monarchs's coat of arms without crest supported by the St John the Evangelist's Eagle and two putti frequently used as sculptural decoration but not prominently heraldic supporters in Spanish ...

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  6. John V of Portugal - Wikipedia

    John still managed to gain something from the dissolution of the engagement between Louis XV and Mariana Victoria, i.e., a wife for his son Prince José and a husband for Infanta Maria Barbara, Mariana Victoria's older brother Fernando, Prince of Asturias.

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    Balthasar Charles (17 October 1629 – 9 October 1646), Prince of Asturias, Prince of Girona, Duke of Montblanc, Count of Cervera, and Lord of Balaguer, Prince of Viana was heir apparent to all the kingdoms, states and dominions of the Spanish monarchy until his death.

  8. Miguel de la Paz - Wikipedia

    Miguel da Paz, Hereditary Prince of Portugal and Prince of Asturias (Portuguese: Miguel da Paz de Trastâmara e Avis, Portuguese pronunciation: [mi ɡɛɫ dɐ ˈpaʃ]; Spanish: Miguel de la Paz de Avís y Trastámara, "Michael of Peace") (23 August 1498 – 19 July 1500) was a Portuguese royal prince, son of King Manuel I of Portugal and his first wife, Isabella of Aragon, Princess of Asturias ...

  9. Carlos, Prince of Asturias - Wikipedia,_Prince_of_Asturias

    Carlos, Prince of Asturias, also known as Don Carlos (8 July 1545 – 24 July 1568), was the eldest son and heir-apparent of King Philip II of Spain. His mother was Maria Manuela of Portugal, daughter of John III of Portugal. Carlos was mentally unstable and was imprisoned by his father in early 1568, dying after half a year of solitary ...

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    The birth of Ferdinand Prince of Asturias Diego's elder brother He was formally invested as Prince of Asturias on 1 March 1580 by the Courts in Madrid. [1] The poet Cristóbal de Virués dedicated a sonnet to the new Prince, where he proposed that Diego follow the steps of his father.