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    Jordan renounced its claim to the territory in 1988, and became the second Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1994. Jordan is a founding member of the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation. The sovereign state is a constitutional monarchy, but the king holds wide executive and legislative powers.

    • Abdullah II

      Abdullah was born on 30 January 1962 in Amman, to King...

    • Flag

      The flag of Jordan, officially adopted on 16 April 1922, is...

    • Jordanian Armed Forces

      The first organized army in Jordan was established on 22...

    • Kings

      The King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is Jordan's head...

    • Wadi Rum

      Wadi Rum (Arabic: وادي رم ‎ Wādī Ramm), known also as the...

    • Battle of Karameh

      The Battle of Karameh (Arabic: معركة الكرامة ‎) was a...

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    Air Jordan (sometimes abbreviated AJ) [citation needed] is an American brand of basketball shoes, athletic, casual, and style clothing produced by Nike.Founded in Chicago, Air Jordan was created for Hall of Fame basketball player and six-time NBA Finals MVP Michael Jordan during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

    • November 17, 1984; 36 years ago
    • United States
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    Jordan has borders with the countries of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria and Iraq. It also has a very short coast on the Red Sea, and a longer coast along the Dead Sea. Most of Jordan is desert and the country is very dry. The northwest of Jordan is its highest part, and its lowest part is the Dead Sea. This is the lowest place on the Earththat is open to the sky. The capital of Jordan is Amman.

    Jordan is divided into 12 Governorates. The governorates are divided into 54 departments or districts named Nahias.

    People from Jordan are called Jordanians. Most of them speak Arabic as their first language. The populationof Jordan is about 10.5 million people. Jordan is a constitutional monarchy and has a king. The King is the head of state, but he does not have all the power in the country. King Abdullah II has been the King of Jordan since February 1999. Most Jordanians are Muslim. There are around 200-400,000 Christians. Jordan's national meal is mansaf. The most popular sport is football.

    Unlike some of the countries around it, Jordan has little petroleum and natural gas. Some of its economy comes from mining instead. Jordan is the largest producer of the mineral phosphate in the world.Jordan is a Member of the OECDsince 2019 as the first Arab Country to do so. The currency of Jordan is called the Jordanian dinar.

    Gold district in Amman
    Citadel in Amman
    Umayyad Qasr in Amman
    Great Temple in Petra
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    • Arabic
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    1. Alexis Jordan(b. 1992), American singer and actress 2. Angelina Jordan (b. 2006), Norwegian child singer who won the 2014 season of Norway´s Got Talent 3. Armin Jordan(1932–2006), Swiss conductor 4. Benn Jordan (b. 1978), electronic musician 5. David Jordan (singer)(b. 1985), English singer-songwriter 6. Frankie Jordan(b. 1938), French pop singer 7. Jeremy Jordan (disambiguation) 8. Leroy "Lonnie" Jordan (b. 1948), founding member of War 9. Louis Jordan(1908–1975), African-American musicia...

    Given name

    1. Jordan Knight (b. 1970), American pop singer (New Kids on the Block) 2. Jordan Luck(b. ca 1961), New Zealand musician 3. Jordan Maron(b. 1992), American electronic music producer 4. Jordan Officer(b. 1976), Canadian jazz/blues/country musician 5. Jordan Pruitt(b. 1991), American pop singer 6. Jordan Rudess (b. 1956), American keyboardist (Dream Theater) 7. Jordin Sparks(b. 1989), American singer 8. Jordan Waring(b. 1964), American symphonic composer and banker 9. Jordan White (musician)(b....


    1. Brent Jordan, a writer and strip-club bouncer 2. Cornelia Jane Matthews Jordan(1830–1898), American poet, lyricist 3. Lee Jordan, Harry Potter character 4. Robert Jordan, an American fantasy author 5. Hal Jordan, a fictional character, better known as Green Lantern 6. Irena Jordanova, Macedonian writer 7. Raimon Jordan, a troubadour

    Given name

    1. Jordan of Osnabrück, a German political writer 2. Jordan Belfort, American author, The Wolf of Wall Street 3. Jordan Bonel de Confolens, a troubadour 4. Jordan Fantosme, an Anglo-Norman poet and historian 5. Jordan Sonnenblick, an American writer 6. Jordan Baker (The Great Gatsby), a fictional character in the novel The Great Gatsby 7. Jordan Elliot, a fictional character in the novel Beach Music.


    1. Andy Jordan (footballer born 1979), a Scottish footballer 2. Brian Jordan, an American professional baseball player 3. Chris Jordan (cricketer)(born 1988), an English cricketer 4. Cameron Jordan (born 1989), an American football defensive end for the New Orleans Saints 5. DeAndre Jordan, an American basketball player and a gold-medal winner in the Summer Olympic Games 6. Eddie Jordan (born 1948), an Irish automobile racer, former F1 constructor owner, businessman, and auto racing pundit 7....

    Given name

    1. Jordan Adams(born 1994), American basketball player 2. Jordan Akins(born 1992), American football player 3. Jordan Barnett (disambiguation), multiple people 4. Jordan Berry(born 1991), Australian NFL football player 5. Jordan Binnington(born 1993), Canadian ice hockey player 6. Jordan Bone(born 1997), American basketball player 7. Jordan Bowers(born 2003), American gymnast 8. Jordan Brailford(born 1995), American football player 9. Jordan Brown (Australian soccer)(born 1996), Australian fo...

    Sharon Jordan (born 1960), an American film and television actress, recurred on Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
    Tom Jordan (1937–2019), an Irish actor noted for three decades of work on Fair City
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    As a sophomore at Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina, Jordan did not make his school's varsity (main) basketball team. This inspired him to work harder, and he made the team the next year. In 1981, he went to the University of North Carolina to play. He averaged 13.5 points per game his freshman year, and 20 points per game his sophomore year. Under coach Dean Smith's system, no player was allowed to average more than 20 ppg. North Carolina won the national championship in 1982, Jordan's freshman year. Jordan made the winning shot with 18 seconds left in the championship game. After Jordan's junior year in college, he said that he would be leaving college to play in the NBA. The Chicago Bullschose him with the third pick in the 1984 NBA draft. He never served as a team captain in college.

    Jordan made an appearance in Michael Jackson's "Jam" music video in 1992; in the video, Jackson teaches Jordan how to dance and Jordan also teaches Michael how to play basketball. In 1993, after winning three NBA championships in a row, Jordan said that he would retire and switch to a career in minor league baseball. He played for the Birmingham Barons, a minor league team in the Chicago White Sox's system, but hit only one home run during his whole baseball career. In 1995, Jordan announced that he would return to the NBA with a two word announcement: "I'm back". He was back in time to play for the Bulls in the 1995 playoffs, but the Bulls lost in the playoffs before reaching the NBA Finals. However, the next three seasons after that, the Bulls won the championship. This included the 1995-1996 season, when the Bulls won 72 games in the regular season and only lost 10. In 1996, he starred in the live-action/animated comedy movie Space Jam as himself. Jordan retired for a second time...

    Michael Jordan played mostly shooting guard. Other than a brief spell in April 1989 during which he played point guard, Jordan almost always played shooting guard during his time with the Chicago Bulls. He was widely heralded as the most skilled and accomplished basketball player of all time. He could score from anywhere on the floor and was a 83% free throw shooter, coupled with being the greatest defensive shooting guard of all time. He is widely considered the greatest offensive player of all time, in part due to his ability to aggressively drive, finish at the rim and mid-range game. He scored using post-ups, layups - often reverse layups, dunks, three-pointers and fadeaways. He had great jumping ability and was extremely agile in the air. These two qualities, coupled with his very large hands, measuring almost 10 inches, allowed him to double- and even triple-clutch the basketball in mid-air. He was skilled at scoring in the air, even when fouled by the opponent, and at convert...

    Jordan is now the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets.He was chosen to enter the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

    Notes 1. ↑ Jordan wore a nameless No. 12 jersey in a February 14, 1990 game against the Orlando Magic because his No. 23 jersey had been stolen.Jordan scored 49 points, setting a franchise record for players wearing that jersey number.

    Media related to Michael Jordanat Wikimedia Commons 1. Michael Jordan's NBA profile 2. Michael Jordan's HISTORIC Bulls Mixtape / The Jordan Vault at YouTube

    • Owner
    • NBA
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    Jordan taks its name frae the Jordan River that forms muckle o the kintra's northwastren mairch. While several theories for the oreegin o the river's name hae been proponed, it is maist plausible that it derives frae the Semitic wird Yarad, meanin "the descender", reflectin the river's declivity.

    Auncient period

    The auldest evidence o hominid habitation in Jordan dates back at least 200,000 year. Jordan is rich in Paleolithic (up tae 20,000 year agae) remeens due tae its location within the Levant whaur expansions o hominids oot o Africae converged. Past lakeshore environments attracted different hominids, and several remains of tools have been found from this period. The warld's auldest evidence o breid-makin wis foond in a 14,500 year auld Natufian steid in Jordan's northeastren desert. The transee...

    Clessical period

    Alexander the Great's conquest o the Persie Empire in 332 BC introduced Hellenistic cultur tae the Middle East. Efter Alexander's daith in 323 BC, the empire split amang his generals, an in the end muckle o Transjordan wis disputit atween the Ptolemies based in Egyp an the Seleucids based in Sirie. The Nabataeans, nomadic Arabs based sooth o Edom, managed tae establish an independent kinrick in 169 BC bi exploitin the struggle atween the twa Greek pouers. The Nabataean Kinrick controlled muck...

    Islamic era

    In 629 AD, in the Battle o Mu'tah in whit is the day Al-Karak, the Byzantines an thair Arab Christian clients, the Ghassanids, staved aff an attack bi a Muslim Rashidun force that mairched northwart taewart the Levant frae the Hejaz (in modren-day Saudi Arabie). The Byzantines houiver war defeatit bi the Muslims in 636 AD at the decisive Battle o Yarmouk juist north o Transjordan. Transjordan wis an essential territory for the conquest o Damascus. The first, or Rashidun, caliphate wis follaed...

    Jordan sits strategically at the crossroads o the continents o Asie, Africae an Europe, in the Levant aurie o the Fertile Crescent, a cradle o ceevilisation. It is 89,341 square kilometre (34,495 sq mi) lairge, an 400 kilometre (250 mi) lang atween its northrenmaist an soothrenmaist points; Umm Qais an Aqaba respectively. The kinrick lies atween 29° an 34° N, an 34° an 40° E. The east is an arid plateau irrigatit bi oases an saisonal watter streams. Major ceeties are owerwhelminly locatit on the north-wastren pairt o the kinrick due tae its fertile siles an relatively abundant rainfaw. Thir include Irbid, Jerash an Zarqa in the northwast, the caipital Amman an Al-Salt in the central wast, an Madaba, Al-Karak an Aqaba in the soothwast. Major touns in the eastren pairt o the kintra are the oasis touns o Azraq an Ruwaished.

    Jordan is a unitar state unner a constitutional monarchy. Jordan's constitution, adoptit in 1952 an amendit a nummer o times syne, is the legal framewirk that govrens the monarch, govrenment, bicameral legislatur an judiciary. The king retains wide executive an legislative pouers frae the govrenment an pairlament. The king exercises his pouers throu the govrenment that he appynts for a fower-year term, that is responsible afore the pairlament that is made up o twa chaumers: the Senate an the Hoose o Representatives. The judiciar is independent accordin tae the constitution. The king is the heid o state an commander-in-chief o the airmy. He can declare war an peace, ratifee laws an treaties, convene an close legislative sessions, caw an postpone elections, dismiss the govrenment an dissolve the pairlament. The appyntit govrenment can an aw be dismissed throu a majority vote o na confidence bi the electit Hoose o Representatives. Efter a bill is proponed bi the govrenment, it maun be...

    The 2015 census shawed Jordan's population tae be 9,531,712 (Female: 47%; Males: 53%). Aroond 2.9 million (30%) war non-ceetizens, a feegur includin refugees, an illegal immigrants. Thare war 1,977,534 hoosehauds in Jordan in 2015, wi an average o 4.8 persons per hoosehaud (compared tae 6.7 persons per hoosehaud for the census o 1979). The caipital an lairgest ceety o Jordan is Amman, that is ane o the warld's auldest conteenuously inhabitit ceeties an ane o the maist modren in the Arab warld.The population o Amman wis 65,754 in 1946, but exceedit 4 million bi 2015. Arabs mak up aboot 98% o the population. The remeenin 2% consist lairgely o Circassians an Armenians, alang wi smawer minority groups.Aboot 84.1% o the population live in urban auries. Sunni Islam is the dominant releegion in Jordan. Muslims mak up aboot 95% o the kintra's population; in turn, 93% o thae sel-identifee as Sunnis. Thare are an aw a smaw nummer o Ahmadi Muslims, an some Shiites. Mony Shia are Iraqi an Leban...

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    Air Jordan is a type or brand of basketball shoes produced by Nike, Inc. since 1984. In the name “Air” means air cushion technology. “Jordan” means Michael Jordan who is an NBA basketball player. Also, “Air Jordan” or mj is a nickname of Michael Jordan. There have been many styles of Air Jordan shoes and it has been selling over the ...

    • November 17, 1984; 36 years ago
    • Footwear, clothing
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    This is a list of cities and towns in the country of Jordan.. Amman capital, population 2,525,000; Az Zarqa population 1,650,000; Irbid population 650,000; Al Karak population 109,000

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    Jordan Michael Wright is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    As a kid, Wright started gymnastics at age 4 but developed an interest in martial arts thanks to the cartoon Dragon Ball Z. He tried karate as his first martial art, then moved to wushu, muay Thai and kickboxing. When Wright was 16, he participated in a couple of muay Thai smokers in a basement and was instantly hooked. He describes it as the moment he fell in love with fighting. After high school, Wright decided to make fighting a full-time job.With the help of his friend and now manager, Wrigh

    After graduating from college, Wright made his professional MMA debut at 23 years old under the Xplode Fight Series banner. He was victorious, submitting John Lee with a rear-naked choke in just 63 seconds. “The Beverly Hills Ninja” has since won his next seven bouts ...

    Wright made his UFC debut on short notice, as a replacement for Jorge Gonzalez, against Isaac Villanueva on August 22, 2020 at UFC on ESPN: Munhoz vs. Edgar. Wright won after cutting Isaac badly with a knee, leading to a doctor's stoppage. Wright faced Joaquin Buckley at UFC 255

    • 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
    • The Beverly Hills Ninja
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