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      • Ladislaus I or Ladislas I, also Saint Ladislaus or Saint Ladislas (Hungarian: Szent László; Croatian: Ladislav I.; Slovak: Svätý Ladislav; Polish: Władysław I Święty; c. 1040 – 29 July 1095) was King of Hungary from 1077 and King of Croatia from 1091. He was the second son of King Béla I of Hungary. I or Ladislas I, also Saint Ladislaus,second son of King Béla I of Hungary.
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  2. Ladislaus I of Hungary - Wikipedia

    Ladislaus I or Ladislas I, also Saint Ladislaus or Saint Ladislas was King of Hungary from 1077 and King of Croatia from 1091. He was the second son of King Béla I of Hungary. After Béla's death in 1063, Ladislaus and his elder brother, Géza, acknowledged their cousin, Solomon as the lawful king in exchange for receiving their father's former duchy, which included one-third of the kingdom. They cooperated with Solomon for the next decade. Ladislaus's most popular legend, which narrates ...

    • His reign

      Géza I died on 25 April 1077. Since Géza's sons, Coloman and...

    • Legacy

      For centuries, hagiographers and historians have emphasized...

  3. Ladislaus of Naples - Wikipedia

    Ladislaus was born in Naples on 15 February 1377 during the reign of his grandaunt Queen Joanna I of Naples. He was the son of Charles and Margaret of Durazzo, both members of the Capetian House of Anjou. His parents, having lived for years at the court of their kinsman King Louis I of Hungary, named him after King Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary.

  4. Ladislaus the Posthumous - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ladislaus the Posthumous, known also as Ladislas ( Hungarian: Utószülött László; Croatian: Ladislav Posmrtni; Czech: Ladislav Pohrobek; German: Ladislaus Postumus, 22 February 1440 – 23 November 1457), was Duke of Austria, and King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. He was the posthumous son of Albert of Habsburg with Elizabeth of Luxembourg.

  5. Ladislaus I of Hungary - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader

    Ladislaus was the second son of the future King Béla I of Hungary and his wife, Richeza (or Adelaide), who was a daughter of King Mieszko II of Poland. Ladislaus and his elder brother, Géza, were born in Poland, where Béla had settled in the 1030s after being banished from Hungary. Ladislaus was born around 1040. L

  6. Ladislaus II of Hungary - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Youth
    • Exile
    • Reign

    Ladislaus II or Ladislas II was King of Hungary and Croatia between 1162 and 1163, having usurped the crown from his nephew, Stephen III. Ladislaus received the title of Duke of Bosnia from his father, Béla II of Hungary, at the age of six but never ruled the province. Instead, around 1160, he followed his younger brother, Stephen's, example and settled in Constantinople but both were to return to Hungary following the death of their elder brother, Géza II of Hungary, in 1162. Their...

    Born in 1131, Ladislaus was the second son of King Béla the Blind and his wife, Helena of Rascia. A few months after his birth, his mother took him and his elder brother, Géza, to an assembly held at Arad where the barons who were considered responsible for the blinding of the King were massacred upon the Queen's order. Béla II's army invaded Bosnia in 1136, which he commemorated by adopting the title King of Rama after a small river. The following year, the King appointed Ladislaus Duke ...

    Contemporaneous sources disagree on the cause of Ladislaus' departure for Constantinople. According to John Kinnamos, both Stephen and Ladislaus "became extremely hateful" towards King Géza after they had quarreled with him. On the other hand, Niketas Choniates wrote that Ladislaus "defected to Manuel, not so much because Géza loved him less than he should or that he feared a plot on his brother's part, but more because he was fascinated" by Stephen's favorable reception by the Emperor.

    Ladislaus was crowned king in July 1162. The ceremony was performed by Mikó, Archbishop of Kalocsa, as the Archbishop of Esztergom, Lucas, was loyal to Stephen III and considered Ladislaus an usurper. Archbishop Lucas excommunicated Ladislaus, but was arrested and imprisoned in return. According to the chronicle of Henry of Mügeln, Ladislaus granted one-third of the kingdom to his brother, Stephen, and the title of duke. Kinnamos wrote that Ladislaus granted the title urum to his brother ...

  7. St. Ladislaus Árpád dynasty, I (1040 - 1095) - Genealogy

    Laszlo I. Wikipedia. Magyar László magyar király. English Ladislaus I of Hungary. EuWeb Saint László from Arpad family. F2. Saint László (Ladislas), King of Hungary (1077-95) -cr 1077 and 1081 (with Holy Crown), canonised 1192, *in Poland ca 1040, +29.7.1095, bur Várad (noe Oradea, Romania) Thepeerage.

  8. Ladislaus IV of Hungary - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Childhood (1262–1272)
    • Reign

    Ladislaus IV, also known as Ladislas the Cuman, was king of Hungary and Croatia from 1272 to 1290. His mother, Elizabeth, was the daughter of a chieftain from the pagan Cumans who had settled in Hungary. At the age of seven, he married Elisabeth, a daughter of King Charles I of Sicily. Ladislaus was only 10 when a rebellious lord, Joachim Gutkeled, kidnapped and imprisoned him. Ladislaus was still a prisoner when his father Stephen V died on 6 August 1272. During his minority, many groupings of

    Ladislaus was the elder son of Stephen V, son of Béla IV of Hungary, and Stephen's wife Elizabeth the Cuman. Elizabeth was the daughter of a chieftain of the Cumans who had settled in Hungary. She was born as a pagan and was baptized before her marriage to Stephen. Ladislaus was born under the sign of Mars in 1262, according to Simon of Kéza, who was his chaplain in the 1270s. Conflicts between Ladislaus's father and grandfather developed into a civil war in 1264. Béla IV's troops, which ...

    Joachim Gutkeled departed for Székesfehérvár as soon as he was informed of Stephen V's death, because he wanted to arrange the boy–king's coronation. Ladislaus's mother joined him, infuriating Stephen V's partisans who accused her of having conspired against her husband ...

    Joachim Gutkeled died while battling against the Babonići in April 1277. A month later, an assembly of the prelates, barons, noblemen, and Cumans declared Ladislaus to be of age. The estates of the realm also authorized the 15-year-old monarch to restore internal peace with ...

    Pope Nicholas III sent Philip, bishop of Fermo, to Hungary to help Ladislaus restore royal power on 22 September 1278. The papal legate arrived in Hungary in early 1279. With the legate's mediation, Ladislaus concluded a peace treaty with the Kőszegis. Bishop Philip soon ...

  9. Vladislaus II of Hungary - Wikipedia

    She was the daughter of Albert, King of the Romans, Hungary and Bohemia, and Elizabeth of Luxembourg, the only child and sole heiress of the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund. Vladislaus was born in Kraków on 1 March 1456.

    • 1471–1516
    • Louis
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