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  1. Laitin - Wikipedia

    Laitin is an auld leid that wis spak bi the Romans. Fowk dinna speak or write this leid awfu muckle ony mair, but mony students athort the warld studies it in the schuil. The Roman Catholic Kirk still uises Laitin as its offeecial leid. Mony wirds uised in science an medicine wis creatit frae Laitin wirds, or is Laitin wirds. Mony leids spoken ...

  2. Laitin alphabet - Wikipedia

    The Laitin or Roman alphabet is the writin seestem oreeginally uised bi the auncient Romans tae write the Laitin leid. Latin script , or Roman script , is a set o graphic signs ( script ) based on these letters.

  3. David D. Laitin - Wikipedia

    David D. Laitin is the James T. Watkins IV and Elise V. Watkins Professor of Political Science in the School of Humanities and Science at Stanford University. He is an influential comparative politics scholar who has authored influential works on civil war, ethnic identity and nationalism.

  4. Laitin Kirk - Wikipedia

    The Laitin Kirk, an aw kent as the Wastren Kirk or the Roman Catholic Kirk, is the lairgest pairteecular kirk sui iuris o the Catholic Kirk, employin the Latin leeturgical rites.

  5. Clessical Laitin - Wikipedia

    Clessical Laitin is the modren term uised tae descrive the form o the Laitin leid recognised as staundart bi writers o the late Roman Republic an the Roman Empire

  6. Laitin Americans - Wikipedia

    Laitin Americae (Spaingie: América Latina or Latinoamérica; Portuguese: América Latina; French: Amérique latine) is the region o the Americas whaur Romance leids (i.e., those derivit frae Laitin—pairticularly Spaingie an Portuguese, an variably French—are primarily spoken.

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  7. Laitin Empire - Wikipedia

    The Empire o Romanie (Laitin: Imperium Romaniae), mair commonly kent in historiography as the Latin Empire (Greek: Λατινική Αυτοκρατορία) or Laitin Empire o Constantinople, wis a feudal Crusader state foondit bi the leaders o the Fowert Crusade on lands capturt frae the Byzantine Empire.

  8. Latin dance - Wikipedia

    Latin dance is a general label, and a term in partner dance competition jargon.It refers to types of ballroom dance and folk dance that (with few exceptions such as the United States) originated in Latin America.

  9. Latium - Wikipedia

    Latium (Laitin: Lătĭŭm) is the region o central wastren Italy in which the ceety o Roum wis foondit an grew tae be the caipital ceety o the Roman Empire.Latium wis oreeginally a smaw triangle o growthie, volcanic soil on which residit the tribe o the Latins.

  10. Lazio - Wikipedia

    Lazio (pronounced , Laitin: Latium) is ane o the 20 admeenistrative regions o Italy, situatit in the central peninsular section o the kintra. Wi aboot 5.7 million residents an a GDP o mair nor 170 billion euros, Lazio is the third maist populatit an the seicont richest region o Italy.