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  1. Max Barry - Wikipedia

    Max Barry (born 18 March 1973) is an Australian author. He also maintains a blog on various topics, including politics. When he published his first novel, Syrup, he spelled his name "Maxx", but subsequently has used "Max".

    • Novelist
  2. Providence (Barry novel) - Wikipedia

    Providence is the sixth novel by Australian science fiction author Max Barry. It was published in March 2020 by Putnam.. Plot. Humans have been exploring other star systems for some time, prior to encountering another race of intelligent space travelers.

    • 31 March 2020
    • Putnam
  3. Machine Man (novel) - Wikipedia

    Machine Man is a novel written by Max Barry. Published in 2011, it is Barry's fourth novel, following 2006's Company. It was originally released as an online serial, but was then updated and published as a book. Characters. Dr. Charles Neumann – mechanical engineer; Dr. Angelica Austin – Charles Neumann's medical doctor

    • 9 August 2011
    • Vintage
  4. Company (novel) - Wikipedia

    Company is a 2006 book by Max Barry. It is Barry's third published novel, following Jennifer Government in 2003. The novel is set in a modern corporation. Plot ...

    • Max Barry
    • Australia
    • 2006
    • 1
  5. Jennifer Government - Wikipedia

    Jennifer Government is a 2003 dystopian novel by Max Barry, set in an alternate reality where most nations in the Americas and Oceania are dominated by powerful corporations and corporate coalitions, and where government power is extremely limited.

    • Max Barry
    • 336
    • 2003
    • 21 January 2003
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  7. Max Barry - Wikipedia

    Max Barry (n.18 martie 1973) este un scriitor australian, blogger și creatorul jocului online Nation States.. În 2011 va apărea prima ecranizare după unul dintre romanele sale, Syrup.

  8. Max Barry – Wikipedia

    Max Barry, född 18 mars 1973, är en australisk författare inom satir och science fiction och har gett ut fem romaner [1], fem noveller och fyra essäer.. Han är också skaparen och ägaren av det onlinebaserade politiska rollspelet Nationstates [2], som användes för att marknadsföra sin dystopiska roman Jennifer Government.

  9. NationStates - Wikipedia

    NationStates (formerly Jennifer Government: NationStates) is a multiplayer government simulation browser game. It was created by Max Barry and was publicly released on 13 November 2002, based loosely on his novel Jennifer Government. Barry founded the site as an independent vehicle publicising the novel one week before its release.

  10. Max Barry | Bio

    Max Barry is an Australian who pretended to sell high-end computer systems for Hewlett-Packard while secretly writing his first novel, Syrup (1999). In fact, he still has the laptop he wrote it on because HP forgot to ask for it back, but keep that to yourself.