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    A minister-president or minister president is the head of government in a number of European countries or subnational governments with a parliamentary or semi-presidential system of government where they preside over the council of ministers.

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    The Minister President (Ministerpräsident) is the head of state and government in thirteen of Germany's sixteen states.. In the three states of Berlin, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg the heads of the state hold different titles:

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    Minister-President From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A minister-president (German: Ministerpräsident) is the head of government in a number of European countries or subnational governments, who presides over the council of ministers. The title is similar to Prime Minister, First Minister, and President of the Council.

  5. Minister President of Prussia - Wikipedia

    Under the Free State of Prussia the Minister President was the head of the state government in a more traditional parliamentary role during the Weimar Republic. The office ceased to have any real meaning except as a kind of political patronage title after the takeover by the national government in 1932 ( Preußenschlag ), and after Nazi Germany ...

    Name (Birth–Death)
    Term of Office(Took Office)
    Term of Office(Left Office)
    Term of Office(Days)
    Count Adolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg (1803–1868)
    19 March 1848
    29 March 1848
    Gottfried Ludolf Camphausen (1803–1890)
    29 March 1848
    20 June 1848
    Rudolf von Auerswald (1795–1866)
    25 June 1848
    8 September 1848
    Ernst von Pfuel (1779–1866)
    21 September 1848
    1 November 1848
  6. Minister-president - Wikipedia

    Een minister-president is dus letterlijk de minister die de vergaderingen van de gezamenlijke ministers leidt. In sommige landen, zoals Nederland en België, is minister-president dan ook een synoniem van premier of eerste minister. In andere landen kunnen die namen voor verschillende functies gebruikt worden.

  7. List of ministers-president of Austria - Wikipedia

    The minister-president of Austria was the head of government of the Austrian Empire from 1848, when the office was created in the course of the March Revolution.Previously, executive power rested with an Austrian State Council, headed by the emperor himself, from 1821 under the chairmanship of State Chancellor Prince Klemens von Metternich.

    Name (Birth–Death)
    Term of office
    Term of office
    Term of office
    Prince Karl von Auersperg (1814–1890)
    30 December 1867
    24 September 1868
    Eduard Taaffe, 11th Viscount Taaffe (1833–1895)
    24 September 1868
    15 January 1870
    Baron Ignaz von Plener (1810–1908)
    15 January 1870
    1 February 1870
    Leopold Hasner von Artha (1818–1891)
    1 February 1870
    12 April 1870
    • 20 March 1848
    • Vienna
  8. Minister-President of Wallonia - Wikipedia

    The Minister-President of Wallonia is the head of the Government of Wallonia, the executive power of Wallonia, one of the three regions of Belgium.. He has his official residence, known as the Élysette, in Namur, along the Meuse River.

    • Jean-Maurice Dehousse
    • Élysette
    • Five years
    • Rue Mazy, 25-27, B-5000 Namur
  9. Ministerpräsident – Wikipediaäsident

    In den Niederlanden spricht man entsprechend der offiziellen Bezeichnung Minister-president meist vom „Ministerpräsidenten“. In Belgien heißt es Eerste minister ( niederländisch ), Premier ministre ( französisch ) oder Premierminister ( deutsch ) auf föderaler Ebene; Minister-president (niederländisch), ministre-président ...

  10. Minister-president van Nederland - Wikipedia

    De plaats van de minister en de minister-president is bepaald bij de grondwetsherziening van 1848, hoewel de eerste minister-president dateert van kort voor die grondwetswijziging. Toen is vastgelegd dat de ministers verantwoordelijk zijn aan de Staten-Generaal ( Eerste en Tweede Kamer ) en dat de koning onschendbaar was.

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