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    Nephthys also was the goddess of the "Mansion of the Sistrum" in Hwt-Sekhem (Gr. Diospolis Parva), the chief city of Nome VII. There, Nephthys was the primary protectress of the resident Osirian relic, of the Bennu Bird, and of the local Horus/Osiris manifestation, the god Neferhotep.

    • The sacred temple enclosure
    • Geb and Nut
  2. Nephthys has a central role in the popular myths of Osiris; it is her magical powers that helps to resurrect his body, as well as to protect and nurture Horus while he is a child. She is in some contexts presented as a protector of the dead, in other as protecting the baboon-headed Hapi, one of the 4 canopic jars.

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    Nephtys is a genus of marine catworms.Some species are halotolerant to a degree in that they can survive in estuaries and estuarine lagoons down to a salinity of 20 psu (Practical Salinity Units).

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    Nephthys certainly had a connection with 'descent into darkness' (Pyramid Texts) and is associated with death (but so is Isis). Some see Isis and Nephthys as kind of polar aspects or reflections of each other. Apepch7 16:07, 19 February 2010 (UTC) Editing article

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    Nephthys (minor planet designation: 287 Nephthys) is a large Main belt asteroid that was discovered by German-American astronomer C. H. F. Peters on August 25, 1889, in Clinton, New York and named after Nephthys in Egyptian mythology.

    • 25 August 1889
    • Main belt
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    Nephthys ((/ ˈ n ɛ p θ ᵻ s / or / ˈ n ɛ f θ ᵻ s /) or Nebthet / ˈ n ɛ b ˌ θ ɛ t / (Arabic: نيفتيس Nyftys) is a member o the Great Ennead o Heliopolis in Egyptian meethology, a dauchter o Nut an Geb. Nephthys wis typically paired wi her sister Isis in funerary rites acause o thair role as pertectors o the mummy an the god ...

    • the hoose, mummy wrappins
    • Set
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    Nephthys este o zeiță egipteană, fiica cea mai mică a cuplului Geb - Nut, soția lui Seth, mama lui Anubis, sora lui Isis și Osiris, protectoare a morților și a zeului cu cap de babuin Hapy. A participat la ritualul readucerii la viață a lui Osiris .

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    Nephthys hay Nebthet, là một trong 9 vị thần tối cao của Ai Cập cổ đại. Bà là con gái của thần đất Geb và nữ thần bầu trời Nut , là em gái của các thần Osiris , Isis và Set , đồng thời cũng là vợ của ác thần Set.

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    According to their myth, Nephthys had many siblings. Her parents were Geb the god of the earth and Nut the goddess of the sky. She was the sister of Isis, Osiris and twin of Seth.

    In the 19th Dynasty of the Ramesside Pharaohs, a temple of Nephthys called the "House of Nephthys of Ramesses-Meriamun" was built in the town of Sepermeru, midway between Oxyrhynchos and Herakleopolis, on the outskirts of the Fayyum and quite near to the modern site of Deshasheh.

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    Néftis (em grego: Νέφθυς, Nephthys) ou Nebthet (em árabe: نيفتيس, Nyftys) é uma divindade da mitologia egípcia.. O nome Néftis significa senhora da casa, entendida no sentido físico, como a casa para onde o Sol retorna no fim do seu curso, ou seja, os céus noturnos.