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    Osiris is a Latin transliteration of the Ancient Greek Ὄσιρις IPA: [ó.siː.ris], which in turn is the Greek adaptation of the original name in the Egyptian language. In Egyptian hieroglyphs the name appears as wsjr, which some Egyptologists instead choose to transliterate ꜣsjr or jsjrj.

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      Annual ceremonies were performed in honor of Osiris in...

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      Astronomy. 1923 Osiris, an asteroid; Osiris (lunar crater)...

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      Osiris was also referred to as "king of the living" as was...

  2. Osiris myth - Wikipedia

    The Osiris myth is the most elaborate and influential story in ancient Egyptian mythology. It concerns the murder of the god Osiris , a primeval king of Egypt , and its consequences. Osiris's murderer, his brother Set , usurps his throne.

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    Osiris is the name of three fictional characters published by DC Comics. The first appeared in 1994 as a foil for the Justice League . The second appeared under the Vertigo Comics imprint in a spin-off of The Sandman in 2002.

    • Amon Tomaz
    • Teen Titans, volume 3 #38 (2006) (cameo), 52 #23 (2006) (full appearance)
  4. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the god of life, death, the flooding of the Nile, and the afterlife. He was the brother and husband of Isis. They had a son named Horus. Osiris was murdered by his brother Set because Osiris was the pharaoh, which Set wanted to be.

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    Osiris: New Dawn is an open world sci-fi survival video game developed by Fenix Fire and published by Reverb Triple XP. It was released onto Steam 's early access program in September 2016, and is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . 1 Gameplay and plot. 2.1 Pre-release. 2.2 Early access release.

    • Fenix Fire Entertainment
    • Unity
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    Osiris Jahkail Williams (born September 7, 1998), known professionally as YK Osiris, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. He initially gained popularity with the release of his songs "I'm Next (Freestyle)" and "Valentine", which was remixed by rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

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  8. HD 209458 b - Wikipedia

    HD 209458 b, also given the nickname Osiris, is an exoplanet that orbits the solar analog HD 209458 in the constellation Pegasus, some 159 light-years from the Solar System. The radius of the planet's orbit is 7 million kilometres, about 0.047 astronomical units, or one eighth the radius of Mercury 's orbit.

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    Osiris a fost un rege legendar al Egiptului, celebru prin vigoarea și dreptatea cu care își guverna țara. Seth, fratele său, a fost gelos pe el și i-a întins o cursă, reușind să-l asasineze. Soția lui Osiris, zeița Isis, reușește să rămână însărcinată cu Osiris mort.

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    Osíris (em egípcio: wsjr) é um deus da mitologia egípcia.Oriundo de Busíris, no Baixo Egito, foi, primitivamente, a deificação da força do solo, que faz a vegetação crescer; disto derivou seus atributos posteriores, que o exaltam como o inventor da agricultura e consequentemente o propiciador da civilização, do qual tornou-se uma espécie de patrono.

    • Gancho e malho, Atef
    • Busiris, Abidos
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    Osiris se relaciona con otras deidades. En Busiris, en el Bajo Egipto, asumió los atributos de Andyety, el dios guardián de esta localidad desde la prehistoria; [14] la representación de este dios pastor se caracteriza por sus dos altas plumas en la cabeza, sostenidas por una larga cinta, con el cetro de Heka y el flagelo de Nekhekh en la mano. [15]