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      • Ossetian, together with Kurdish, Tati and Talyshi, is one of the main Iranian languages with a sizable community of speakers in the Caucasus. It is descended from Alanic, the language of the Alans, medieval tribes emerging from the earlier Sarmatians. It is believed to be the only surviving descendant of a Sarmatian language.
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  2. ossetian is the spoken and literary language of the ossetians, an iranian ethnic group living in the central part of the caucasus and constituting the basic population of north ossetia–alania, which is part of the russian federation, and of the de facto country of south ossetia (recognized by the united nations as de jure part of the republic of …

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  3. Ossetian language Ossetian ( / ɒˈsɛtiən /, / ɒˈsiːʃən /, / oʊˈsiːʃən / ), [1] [2] commonly referred to as Ossetic and rarely as Ossete [note 1] [8] ( ирон ӕвзаг, irōn ӕvzag ), is an Eastern Iranian language that is spoken mostly in Ossetia . Notes [ change | change source]

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    The Ossetian language belongs to the Eastern Iranian ( Alanic) branch of the Indo-European language family. [39] Ossetian is divided into two main dialect groups: Ironian [39] ( os. – Ирон) in North and South Ossetia and Digorian [39] ( os. – Дыгурон) in Western North Ossetia.

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  5. Ossetian ,[2][3] commonly referred to as Ossetic and rarely as Ossete[note 1][10] , is an Eastern Iranian language that is spoken predominantly in Ossetia, a region situated on both sides of the Greater Caucasus. It is the native language of the Ossetian people, and is one of the few Iranian languages spoken in Europe; it is a relative and possibly a descendant of the extinct Scythian ...

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    Ossetian - Wikipedia Ossetian Ossetian may refer to: Ossetian language Ossetian people North Ossetia-Alania South Ossetia A person or thing from the region of Ossetia This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Ossetian.

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