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    Owen Tudor was an early casualty of the Wars of the Roses (1455–1487) between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. He joined his son Jasper's army in Wales in January 1461, a force that was defeated at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross by Edward of York .

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    Owen Tudor (1938–1966) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire.In a career that lasted from 1940 to 1942 he ran twelve times and won six races. His most important win came as a three-year-old in the summer of 1941 when he won the “New Derby” at Newmarket.

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    Tudor Owen may refer to: . Tudor Owen (actor) (1898–1979), Welsh actor Tudor Owen (judge) (born 1951), British judge See also. All pages with titles containing Tudor Owen; Owen Tudor (disambiguation)

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    Henri Owen Tudor was a Luxembourg engineer, inventor, and industrialist. He developed the first commercially usable lead-acid battery. Henri Owen Tudor Henri Tudor in 1899 Born Henri Owen Tudor 30 September 1859 Ferschweiler, Prussia Died31 May 1928 Rosport, Luxembourg Burial placeRosport cemetery NationalityLuxembourg EducationÉcole Polytechnique of Brussels University, 1879–1883 OccupationInventor, businessman Years active1879–1920 Signature

    Henri Tudor was the son of John Thomas Tudor from Llanarth and Marie Loser from Rosport. He attended the primary and secondary school as a boarder at the municipal College of Chimay, and was a student from 1879 to 1883 at the École Polytechnique, which was part of Brussels University. In 1885, the young engineer specialised at an electrical engineering institution in Paris, where he attended the lectures given by Marcel Deprez. Henri Tudor was interested in electricity and especially in ...

    On 17 July 1886, Henri Tudor filed, in Luxembourg, patent No 711 "Further improvements to the electrodes of electric accumulators". This patent was also filed in Belgium and France. The improvements consist of the following: The plates are thick enough to be rigid and to provide

    In order to avoid the smearing operation, which was laborious and hazardous, Henri Tudor was looking for ways to create a Planté layer by means of an accelerated electrochemical process. On 18 May 1896, he filed, in the United Kingdom, his Patent No 10718 on the electrode coated

    On 30 April 1886, Henri Tudor signed a convention with the Town Council of Echternach concerning the replacement of the existing petroleum street by electric lighting. It was understood that the electric power plant would include a steam boiler, two dynamos and Tudor lead-acid accumulators. For the execution of this project, he founded with his brother Hubert and his cousin Nikolaus Schalkenbach, the firm Tudor Frères & Schalkenbach and established workshops in Rosport. The electric ...

    The manufacture of Tudor accumulators started in 1885 in the Rosport workshops, installed on the property known as Engelsbuerg. As from January 1897, following the dissolution of the Société Anonyme Franco-Belge pour la fabrication de l’accumulateur Tudor, the Rosport ...

    In 1885, Adolph Müller, commercial representative for the Spiecker & Co. Electric Company in Cologne, travelled to Rosport to get further information on the reliable accumulator running in Rosport already for several years. After spending a few hours with Henri Tudor ...

    Henri Tudor took measures to make sure that his accumulator was manufactured and marketed in geographical areas where Adolph Müller had not been assigned any rights. He granted an operating licence to Piaux, Georgin, Bayeux & Co. in Reims. In 1888, that company began ...

    The Tudor brothers from Rosport lived in a rural environment which they wanted to open up to scientific and technological progress. In August 1884, they connected an electric motor to a threshing machine in their father's barn. The energy was fed through cables more than 60 metres long. The first eyewitnesses could not hide their enthusiasm. The issue of carrying electrical energy to remote countryside locations remained. It was not until 1905, at the Liège Exhibition, that Henri Tudor and ...

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    From the relationship of Owen Tudor and Queen Catherine descended the Tudor dynasty of England, starting with King Henry VII. Tudor historians asserted that Owen and Catherine had been married, for their lawful marriage would add respectability and stronger royal ties to the claims of the Tudor dynasty. Owen and Catherine had at least six children.

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    Források. Mary Tudor b. 1432: With sourced Ancestry of Owen Tudor, as daughter of Owen Tudor and Catherine De Valois; and Mary Tudor's daughter Jane Gray lived 1475-1509, earlier Jane than Jane Grey who was daughter of the later Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII)

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    The House of Tudor was an English royal house of Welsh origin, descended from the Tudors of Penmynydd.Tudor monarchs ruled the Kingdom of England and its realms, including their ancestral Wales and the Lordship of Ireland (later the Kingdom of Ireland) from 1485 until 1603, with six monarchs in that period: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

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    Catherine of Valois (27 October 1401 – 3 January 1437) was the queen of Henry V of England and the mother of Henry VI of England. She was the daughter of King Charles VI of France and his wife Isabelle of Bavaria. Catherine had a secret relationship with Owen Tudor. Through this she became the grandmother of Henry VII of England.

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    Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond (Welsh: Edmwnd Tudur, 11 June 1430 – 3 November 1456, also known as Edmund of Hadham), was the father of King Henry VII of England and a member of the Tudor family of Penmynydd, North Wales. Born to Owen Tudor and the dowager queen Catherine of Valois, Edmund was half-brother to Henry VI of England.

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    Jasper Tudor, 1st Duke of Bedford, 1st Earl of Pembroke KG (c. November 1431 – 21/26 December 1495), also called Jasper of Hatfield, was the uncle of King Henry VII of England and a leading architect of his nephew's successful accession to the throne in 1485.