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    Pan-Islamism. Pan-Islamism ( Arabic: الوحدة الإسلامية ‎) is a political ideology advocating the unity of Muslims under one Islamic country or state – often a caliphate – or an international organization with Islamic principles. Pan-Islamism differentiates itself from pan-nationalistic ideologies, for example Pan-Arabism, by ...

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    Pan-Islamism is an internationalist and anti-nationalist political movement advocating the unity of Muslims under one Islamic state or a Caliphate.While Pan-Arabism advocates the unity and independence of Arabs regardless of religion, pan-Islamism advocates the unity and independence of Muslims regardless of ethnicity.

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    The article does not start by claiming that "Pan-Islamism means the same as the caliphate" it says "Pan-Islamism is a political movement advocating the unity of Muslims under one Islamic state or a Caliphate". The founders of Pan-Islamism and it's advocates wanted Muslim unity under a caliphate.

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    Olivier Roy argues that "Sunni pan-Islamism underwent a remarkable shift in the second half of the 20th century" when the Muslim Brotherhood movement and its focus on Islamisation of pan-Arabism was eclipsed by the Salafi movement with its emphasis on "sharia rather than the building of Islamic institutions," and rejection of Shia Islam.

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    The Ara­bic term Ummah, which is found in the Quran and Is­lamic tra­di­tion, has his­tor­i­cally been used to de­note the Mus­lims as a whole, re­gard­less of race, eth­nic­ity, etc. This term has been used in a po­lit­i­cal sense by clas­si­cal Is­lamic schol­ars e.g. such as al-Mawardi in Ahkam al-Sul­taniyyah, where he dis­cusses the con­tract of Ima­mate of the Ummah, "pre­scribed to suc­ceed Prophet­hood" in pro­tec­tion of the re­li­gion and of man­ag­ing the af­fairs of the world. Al-Ghaz­ali also talks about Ummah in a po­lit­i­cal sensee.g. in his work, "Fa­diah al-Batinyah wa Fadail al-Mustazhariyah". Fakhrud­din al-Razi, who also talks about Ummah in a po­lit­i­cal sense, is quoted as say­ing the following: Ac­cord­ing to some scholars[who?], the ide­ol­ogy's aims takes early years of Islam – the reign of Muham­mad and the early caliphate – es­pe­cially dur­ing Is­lamic golden age as its model, as it is com­monly held that dur­ing these years the Mus­lim worldwas strong,...

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    Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. Pan-Islamism ( Bahasa Arab: الوحدة الإسلامية ‎) ialah ideologi politik yang menyokong perpaduan orang Islam di bawah satu negara Islam atau negeri – selalunya khilafah – atau pertubuhan antarabangsa dengan prinsip-prinsip Islam. Sebagai bentuk internasionalisme dan antinasionalisme ...

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    Pan-Islamisme. Pan-Islamisme ( Arabies: الوحدة الإسلامية) is ’n politieke ideologie wat die eenheid van Moslems in een Islamitiese land of staat – dikwels ’n kalifaat – of onder ’n internasionale organisasie met Islamitiese beginsels voorstaan. Dit verskil van ander pan-nasionalistiese ideologieë, soos Pan-Arabisme ...

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    Pan-Islamism: Indian Muslims, the Ottomans and Britain (1877-1924), Brill Academic Publishers, 1997, ISBN 90-04-10632-4 ISBN 978-90-04-10632-1 Nazir Ahmad Khan Chaudri, Commonwealth of Muslim States: a plea for Pan-Islamism , al-Ahibba (Friends of the Muslim World Muhibban-e-Alam-e-Islami), 1972.

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    Ottoman pan-Islamism. In the late 19th century, Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II launched his pan-Islamist program in a bid to protect the Ottoman Empire from Western attack and dismemberment, and to crush the democratic opposition at home.

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