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    Pavia is the episcopal seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Pavia. The city possesses many artistic and cultural treasures, including several important churches and museums, such as the well-known Certosa di Pavia. The Central Hospital of Pavia is one of the most important hospitals in Italy.

    • 77 m (253 ft)
    • Pavia (PV)
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    The Battle of Pavia, fought on the morning of 24 February 1525, was the decisive engagement of the Italian War of 1521–1526 between the Kingdom of France and the Habsburg empire of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor as well as ruler of Spain, Austria, the Low Countries, and the Two Sicilies.

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    Aesculus pavia, known as red buckeye or firecracker plant, is a species of deciduous flowering plant.The small tree or shrub is native to the southern and eastern parts of the United States, found from Illinois to Virginia in the north and from Texas to Florida in the south.

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    The province of Pavia is a province in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy; its capital is Pavia. As of 2015, the province has a population of 548,722 inhabitants and an area of 2,968.64 square kilometres; the town of Pavia has a population of 72,205.

    The city Pavia was initially settled by the Ligures and was later occupied by Gaulish tribes; it was conquered by the Romans in 220 BCE. Named "Ticinum" by the Romans, the town was reinforced and became a key part of their defenses in northern Italy; despite this, the town was sacked by Attila, the ruler of the Hunnic Empire, in 452 CE, and then again by Odoacer in 476 CE. In the sixth century it was the capital of German tribe the Lombards and survived an attempted Frankish invasion. However, f

    The Province of Pavia is in the region of Lombardy in northwestern Italy. It is bounded to the north by the provinces of Milan and the Lodi, to the southeast by the Province of Piacenza, and to the southwest it is bounded by the Province of Alessandria. The province is crossed by the rivers Ticino and Po, which meet four kilometres south of the capital, Pavia. The province contains 190 communes and the River Po is navigable up to its confluence with the Ticino. There are three regions of the pro

    • 2,965 km² (1,145 sq mi)
    • Italy
    • 27010-27027, 27029-27030, 27032, 27034-27055, 27057-27059, 27100
    • Lombardy
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    The University of Pavia (Italian: Università degli Studi di Pavia, UNIPV or Università di Pavia; Latin: Alma Ticinensis Universitas) is a university located in Pavia, Lombardy, Italy. There was evidence of teaching as early as 1361, making it one of the oldest universities in the world.

    • Urban/University town
    • 1361; 659 years ago
    • Pavia Yellow
    • 21,349
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    Pavia (IPA: [pa'vi:a], pronuncia [?·info]; [pɐ'vi:ɐ] in dialetto pavese) è un comune italiano di 73 195 abitanti, capoluogo della provincia omonima in Lombardia.. Posta 34 km a sud di Milano, lungo la Via Francigena e sulle rive del fiume Ticino, poco a nord dalla confluenza di quest'ultimo nel Po, la città affonda le sue origini all'epoca delle tribù galliche; successivamente divenne ...

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    Pavia is famous for "baye baye," a by-product of rice made from the newly harvested palay. Baye-baye is a sweet Ilonggo delicacy made from scraped young coconut meat, sugar and pinipig. [15] Its century-old pottery industry especially in Barangay Pandac(Pik- Pik Koron) and Jibao-an still survives amid flower and bonsai gardens.

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    Certosa di Pavia - kolostor 8 km-re a központtól Szent Péter bazilika - egy 14. századi díszes faragású márványsír őrzi Hippói Szent Ágoston földi maradványait. Az ősi ókeresztény templomot "aranymennyboltos" jelzővel is illetik.

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    Pavia (italijansko: Pavia; lombardsko Pavia, latinsko: Ticinum; srednjeveška latinščina Papia) je mesto in občina v jugozahodni Lombardiji, v severni Italiji, leži 35 kilometrov južno od Milana, ob spodnjem toku reke Ticino, blizu sotočja s Padom.

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    Pavia är en stad, kommun och huvudort i provinsen Pavia i sydvästra Lombardiet i norra Italien. Kommunen hade 73 086 invånare (2018). [2] Floden Ticino rinner genom staden. Historia. Pavia har sitt ursprung i den antika staden Ticinum, och