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    Pennsylvania is the 33rd-largest state by area, and the 5th-most populous state according to the most recent official U.S. Census count in 2010. It is the 9th-most densely populated of the 50 states. Pennsylvania's two most populous cities are Philadelphia (1,580,863), and Pittsburgh (302,407).

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      The Delaware Valley is the valley through which the Delaware...

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    Philadelphia, colloquially Philly, is the largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, and the sixth-most populous U.S. city with a 2019 estimated population of 1,584,064.

  3. Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest states in the United States, with a land area of 44,817 square miles. The highest point in the state is Mount Davis, at 3,213 feet above sea level. The lowest point is the Delaware River, which is at sea level.

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    Pennsylvania có hai khu vực giáp nước: 100 km (63 dặm) đường biên dọc theo hồ Erie và 92 km (57 dặm) dọc theo Delaware Estuary. Philadelphia có một cảng biển lớn và nhiều nhà máy đóng tàu trên sông Delaware.

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    Pennsylvania és Delaware azon tizenhárom állam közé tartoznak, amelyek 1776-ban fellázadtak a brit uralom ellen. 1787. december 12-én Pennsylvania ratifikálta az Amerikai Alkotmányt (másodikként, 5 nappal Delaware után) és ezzel az Amerikai Egyesült Államok alapító tagjává vált.

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    The Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsche), also referred to as the Pennsylvania Germans, are a cultural group formed by early German-speaking immigrants to Pennsylvania and their descendants. The word Dutch refers to the German settlers, known endonymically as Deitsch (in the principal dialect they spoke, Palatine German ) or Deutsch ...

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    Lancaster (/ ˈ l æ ŋ k ɪ s t ər / LANG-kə-stər) is a city located in South Central Pennsylvania which serves as the seat of Pennsylvania's Lancaster County and one of the oldest inland towns in the United States.

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    Bandera ning Pennsylvania: Sagisag ning Pennsylvania: Palayo: Keystone State: Peka Amanu: None: Tungku Pekamaragul a Lakanbalen: Harrisburg Philadelphia: Lapad

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    Lancaster (Pennsylvania Dutch: Lengeschder) is a city in the south-central part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.It is the county seat of Lancaster County.It is one of the older inland cities in the United States.

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    May 05, 2020 · On March 4, 1681, Charles II of England granted a land tract to William Penn for the area that now includes Pennsylvania. Penn then founded a colony there as a place of religious freedom for Quakers, and named it for the Latin sylva , silva ( “ meaning "wood" ” ) , thus "Pennsylvania" (Penn's woods).