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    Persepolis (/ p ər ˈ s ɛ p ə l ɪ s /; Old Persian: 𐎱𐎠𐎼𐎿, Pārsa; New Persian: تخت جمشید ‎, romanized: Takht-e Jamshīd, lit. 'Throne of Jamshid ') was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire ( c. 550–330 BC ).

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    Persepolis is a 2007 animated biographical drama film based upon Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novel of the same name. It was written and directed by Satrapi in collaboration with Vincent Paronnaud. The story follows a young girl as she comes of age against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution.

    • Olivier Bernet
    • 23 May 2007 (Cannes), 27 June 2007 (France)
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    Persepolis (Greek: Περσες πόλις) is the Greek translation of the name. In modern Iran, the city is known as Takht-e-Jamshid (Throne of Jamshid). The largest building in Persepolis is the Apadana Hall with 72 columns. The Tachara palace built by Darius I is also an important building.

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    Persepolis is an autobiographical series of bande dessinées by Marjane Satrapi that depicts her childhood up to her early adult years in Iran and Austria during and after the Islamic Revolution. The title Persepolis is a reference to the ancient capital of the Persian Empire. Originally published in French, the graphic memoir has been translated to many other languages, including English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Swedish, Finnish, Georgian, Chinese and others. As of...

    Note: The summary of the English editions of the novel is divided into two sections, one for each book.

    Marjane Satrapi's use of graphic novels to depict her own life events has made her reading easily accessible to people throughout the world. In an article titled "Why I wrote Persepolis", Satrapi says "Images are a way of writing. When you have the talent to be able to write and to draw, it seems a shame to choose only one. I think it's better to do both". Her first novel in this series, Persepolis: The Story of A Childhood, depicts her childhood experiences in Iran during the Islamic Revolution

    Persepolis is an autobiography written as a graphic novel based on Satrapi's life. The genre of graphic novels can be traced back to 1986 with Art Spiegelman’s depiction of the Holocaust through the use of cartoon images of mice and cats. Later, writers such as Aaron McGruder and Ho Che Anderson used graphic novels to discuss themes such as Sudanese orphans and civil rights movements. This genre has become an appropriate forum for examining critical matters by using illustrations to ...

    Persepolis reminds readers of the "precarity of survival" in political and social situations.

    • Persepolis The Story of a Childhood: 2000, Persepolis The Story of a Return: 2004
    • 2000, 2004
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    Persepolis (Greek, leeterally meanin "the Persie ceety"), forby kent as Takht-e-Jamshid (Modren Persie: تخت جمشید, leeterally meanin "the throne o Jamshid "), wis the ceremonial caipital o the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550–330 BC).

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Persepolis Football Club (Persian: باشگاه فوتبال پرسپولیس ‎), is an Iranian professional football club based in Tehran, that competes in the Persian Gulf Pro League. Persepolis was founded in 1963 by Ali Abdo and has been in the first division of Iranian football since 1968.

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    Persepolis eller Perspolis (modern persiska تخت جمشید, Takhte Jamshid, ’Jamshids tron’, fornpersiska: Pârsâ, grekiska: Περσέπολις, ’den persiska staden’) är en forntida ruin stad i södra Iran i provinsen Fars. Persepolis var huvudstad i Akemeniderriket.

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    Persepolis (staropersky Pársa, novopersky تخت جمشید/پارسه, Tacht-e Džamšíd) je název starověkého města v dnešní íránské provincii Fárs, antické Persidě.

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    Persepolis (kreik. Περσέπολις 'persialaisten kaupunki') oli muinaisen Persian valtakunnan pääkaupunki Akhaimenidien hallitsijasuvun aikana. Kaupungin perusti kuningas Dareios I vuonna 518 eaa. ja se tuhoutui vuonna 330 eaa.

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