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  1. A personal union is the combination of two or more states that have the same monarch while their boundaries, laws, and interests remain distinct. [1] A real union, by contrast, would involve the constituent states being to some extent interlinked, such as by sharing some limited governmental institutions.

  2. A personal union is a relationship of two or more sovereign states, which, through law, share the same person as their head of state. Personal unions can begin for very different reasons. In many cases a princess who is already married to a king becomes pregnant, and their child inherits the crown of both countries.

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  4. Verbindung von Staaten In der allgemeinen Staatslehre wird als Personalunion die Verbindung von selbstständigen Staaten durch ein gemeinsames Staatsoberhaupt bezeichnet. Die Regierung mehrerer Länder in Personalunion spielte vor allem in der Feudalzeit eine große Rolle. Bis weit ins 18. und 19.

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    According to the Wikipedia page Anglo-Corsican KingdomKing George III of Great Britain was also King Giorgio of Corsica between 1794 and 1796.

    Removed Albania and Ethopia. Italy annexed them outright and so it wasn't a personal union. Roadrunner04:16, 8 Jun 2004 (UTC) 1. Could you please prove that the Italian government ever proclaimed Ethiopia and Albania to be parts of the Kingdom of Italy? I am quite certain that they never did. Victor Emmanuel was proclaimed Emperor of Ethiopia and K...

    By the definition given in the first paragraph, are not the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man in a personal union with the United Kingdom? Should they be added? Or maybe the definition needs refining? 1. The question, perhaps, is whether all territories need to be one of A) a sovereign state, or B) a part of a larger sovereign state. Jersey or th...

    I don't think a colony that has the same head of state as its coloniser can be considered to be in a state of "personal union". With the possible exception of India, states that became Commonwealth Realms upon independence should not be listed as having been "personal unions" when they were colonies since they were consitutionally linked with the "...

    Perhaps the unions would be easier to explain by listing the unions involved, rather than the individual countries. That would give the Commonwealth Realms their own section, where the relationship can be explained more clearly. That relationship, by design, evolved gradually, from the Treaty of Versailles (1919) recognizing a kind of autonomous st...

    Can someone cite an official source or legal opinion that supports the assertions given in this article about when the dominions separated from the British crown? As it stands, I'm worried that the article is just conjecture dressed up as fact. There is a lot said on Wikipedia about the division of the British crown, but no evidence provided for it...

    I have been prompted into action by Jfruh removing the POV tag. Since we haven't been able to find supporting evidence for the dates used in the article I have removed them. I accept that the term commonwealth realmrefers to a divided crown. New Zealand has been a realm at least since 1983 when a letters patent reconstructed the office of the Gover...

    Anyway I've tagged the article as accuracy-disputed. I believe the claims in the article about Commonwealth Realms are: factually inaccurate 1. It is clear from the example of the Cooks that legislative independence does not create a personal union. original research 1. Various editors of the article have compiled the dates based on their own resea...

    "1460 to 1864 parts or all of the duchies in personal union with Denmark". I believe this shouldn't be in the "Spain" section (Schleswig-Holstein perhaps?). Could you correct that please?

    I notice that apparently what was once an undisputed page is now pasted with warnings about accuracy and that much of this stems from some debate over the minutiae of whether or not "such and such a place" was truly independent until "such and such time" according to "such and such document". What I find strange is that nobody seems to have gone ba...

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    A personal union is a relationship of two or more sovereign states, which, through law, share the same person as their head of state. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Personal union .

  6. According to the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations and the Grand Larousse encyclopédique, Croatia entered a personal union with Hungary in 1102, which remained the basis of the Hungarian-Croatian relationship until 1918, [1] [33] while Encyclopædia Britannica specified the union as a dynastic one. [3]

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