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    Mary of Avesnes. Peter I of Bourbon (1311 – 19 September 1356, Poitiers) was the second Duke of Bourbon, from 1342 to his death. Peter was son of Louis I of Bourbon, whom he also succeeded as Grand Chamberlain of France, and Mary of Avesnes . Duke Peter is reported to have been somewhat mentally unstable, a trait of nervous breakdowns (presumably hereditary) that showed clearly for example in his daughter Joan of Bourbon, the queen, and in her son, king Charles VI of France, as well as in ...

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    Duke of Bourbon (French: Duc de Bourbon) is a title in the peerage of France.It was created in the first half of the 14th century for the eldest son of Robert of France, Count of Clermont and Beatrice of Burgundy, heiress of the lordship of Bourbon.

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    • Overview
    • Life, marriage, and royal favour
    • Regent of France and Duke of Bourbon
    • Succession to the Duchy of Bourbon

    Peter II, Duke of Bourbon, was the son of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon, and Agnes of Burgundy, and a member of the House of Bourbon. He and his wife Anne of France ruled as regents during the minority of Charles VIII of France.

    A loyal and capable subject of the crown, Peter earned the grudging respect of Louis XI through his demonstration of the Bourbon family's "meekness and humility". Initially he was betrothed to Marie d'Orleans, sister of Louis, Duke of Orleans; Louis XI, who wanted to prevent such an alliance between two of the greatest feudal houses in France, broke the engagement, and took measures to bind both families closer to the crown. A marriage between Peter and the King's elder daughter, Anne, was arran

    At the time of Louis XI's death in 1483, Peter was one of the few royal servants to have remained consistently in favour during the King's reign, and it was to him that Louis, on his deathbed, granted guardianship over the new King, Charles VIII. Peter and his wife Anne immediately took up their duties, and began to position themselves as leaders of a regency government. The King was swiftly crowned, preventing the need for a regency government; instead, the thirteen-year-old King undertook pers

    Without surviving male issue, the next heir to the Bourbon Duchy was Suzanne. It was in the question of the future of Suzanne and the Bourbon territories that Peter and Anne found themselves opposing each another in his final years. With Charles VIII dead and the more cautious Louis XII on the throne, Suzanne needed a husband to support her in her inheritance, which risked being disputed by the crown and the Montpensiers. The Duke and Duchess had initially groomed the next Bourbon heir, Louis of

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    • Early Career
    • Lieutenant in Languedoc
    • Diplomatic Missions
    • Marriage and Issue
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    Peter I took part in several of the early campaigns of the Hundred Years Warwhich broke out in 1337. How to stream your favorites and more on Disney+Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.In the summer of 1339 he took part in Jean de Marigny, Bishop of Beauvais's failed attack on Bordeaux. In autumn 1341 he took part in the John, Duke of Normandy's campaign in Brittany. He was present at the coronation of Pope Clement VIat Avignon 19 May 1342. Summer 1342 he was together with the Raoul I of Brienne, Count of Eu given command of the covering force protecting France from attacks from the north while king Philip VIcampaigned in Brittany. In August 1343 he and the Dauphin of Viennois were the French ambassadors at a peace conference at Avignon, but the negotiations were fruitless as the Edward III of Englanddeclined to send any but the most junior member of the embassy.

    On 8 August 1345 Peter I was appointed by Philip VI as his lieutenant on the south-west march. His opponent was to be Henry, Earl of Derby(later Earl and Duke of Lancaster) who completed disembarking his army at Bordeaux the day after Peter I's appointment. Peter I arrived to take up his lieutenancy in Languedoc in September. By then the Earl of Derby had already opened his campaign, throwing the French defences into disarray with the capture of Bergerac and the destruction of the French army present there the previous month. Bourbon set up headquarters at Angoulême and begun an extensive recruitment campaign to raise a new army, command of which fell to the Duke of Normandy. However on 21 October the Earl of Derby won another crushing victory outside Auberocheover parts of this force. The Duke of Normandy abandoned his campaign once he heard the news. In early November he disbanded his army and left for the north. The Earl of Derby exploited the absence of a French commander in the...

    In July 1347 he took part in fruitless negotiations with the English outside Calais in the days just before that city's capitulation. On 8 February 1354 he was together with the Guy, Cardinal of Boulogne appointed as King John II's commissioners to King Charles II of Navarre, empowered to offer whatever Charles wanted. The two met the King of Navarre in the castle of Mantes, accompanied by the two dowager Queens and droves of courtiers and ministers, most of who more or less openly sympathized with Charles of Navarre. The treaty concluded 22 February granted to Charles of Navarre a considerable part of Lower Normandy which he was to hold with the same rights as the Duke of Normandy. In January 1355 he was sent together with the Chancellor of France Pierre de la Forêt on a diplomatic mission to Avignon where they were to meet with an English embassy led by Henry of Lancaster and Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel. The purpose of the mission was to formally ratify a peace treaty b...

    On 25 January 1336 he married Isabella of Valois, daughter of Charles, Count of Valois and his third wife Mahaut of Châtillon. Peter and Isabella had one son and seven daughters: 1. Louis II(1337–1410) 2. Joanna (1338–1378), married King Charles V of France 3. Blanche (1339–1361, Medina-Sidonia), married King Pedro of Castilein 1353 in Valladolid, poisoned by her husband 4. Bonne (1341 – 19 January 1402, Château de Mâcon), married Amadeus VI, Count of Savoyin 1355 in Paris 5. Catherine (1342–1427, Paris), married John VI of Harcourt 6. Margaret (1344–1416), married Arnaud Amanieu, Viscount of Tartas 7. Isabelle (b. 1345) 8. Isabella (1347–1401, Poissy), Prioress of Poissy

    Sumption, Jonathan, The Hundred Years War I: Trial by Battle, University of Pennsylvania Press, September 1999, ISBN 0-8122-1655-5
    Sumption, Jonathan, The Hundred Years War II: Trial by Fire, University of Pennsylvania Press, October 2001, ISBN 0-8122-1801-9
    • 1311
    • Isabella of Valois
    • 19 September 1356(1356-09-19) Poitiers
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    Peter I of Bourbon (1311 – 19 September 1356, Poitiers) was the second Duke of Bourbon, from 1342 to his death. Peter was son of Louis I of Bourbon, whom he also succeeded as Grand Chamberlain of France, and Mary of Avesnes.

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    Peter was killed in the Battle of Poitiers 19 September 1356.-----Peter I, Duke of Bourbon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peter I of Bourbon (1311 – September 19, 1356, Poitiers) was the second Duke of Bourbon, from 1342 to his death. Peter was son of Louis I of Bourbon, whom he also succeeded as Grand Chamberlain of France, and Mary ...

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    On 25 January 1336 Isabella married Peter I, Duke of Bourbon, son of Louis I, Duke of Bourbon and Mary of Avesnes. Peter and Isabella had only one son, Louis and seven daughters. Her husband died at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356, and Isabella never remarried. After her husband's death Isabella's son Louis became the Duke of Bourbon.

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    Peter of Bourbon, (1438–1503, Château de Moulins), Duke of Bourbon Louis of Bourbon (1438 – August 30, 1482, murdered), Bishop of Liège [3] Margaret of Bourbon (February 5, 1439 – 1483, Château du Pont-Ains), married in Moulins on April 6, 1472 Philip II, Duke of Savoy

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