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    Police tactical units are dedicated units composed of personnel carefully selected and trained in tactical skill sets to carry out the responsibilities of the unit and in use of force policies including lethal use for counter-terrorism. A PTU is equipped with specialized police and military-type equipment.

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      Police tactical units have similarities to military special...

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    The PTU is made up of eleven companies, comprising in total about 2,000 officers. Each company (under the command of a Superintendent) is made up of 4 platoons, each led by an Inspector or Senior Inspector. A platoon comprises 32 Officers with 1 Station Sergeant (senior NCO) and 8 Sergeants. 1. Police Tactical Unit officers stop to check a suspect. 2. PTU officers on duty during Aug 2007 metalworkers' protests. 3. PTU officers stand guard behind a barricade. 4. PTU officers on duty during Aug 2007 metalworkers' protests. 5. PTU officers cross a street toward police vans. 6. PTU operating at an intersection during Aug 2007 metalworkers' protests. 7. PTU operating during Aug 2007 metalworkers' protests. 8. PTU officers deploying roadblock at Admiralty

    Smith & Wesson Model 10: Standard-issue sidearm, 6-shot .38 Specialrevolver
    AR-15: Standard-issue rifle, loaded with 5.56×45mmrounds, only to be issued as a final resort when the situation encountered is uncontrollable or the target is far away from the PTU (400m or more)
    The unit is portrayed in the 2003 film PTU, directed by Johnnie To
    2007 TVB series On The First Beat
    The unit is also portrayed in the 2009 film series Tactical Unit, directed by Johnnie To and with the same leading actors and actress of the 2003 film PTU
    • ~ 2,000 Regulars, ~ 1,000 echelon
    • 1 Wu Tip Shan Road, Fanling
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    Po­lice tac­ti­cal units are ded­i­cated units com­posed of per­son­nel care­fully se­lected and trained in tac­ti­cal skill sets to carry out the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of the unit and in use of force poli­cies in­clud­ing lethal use for counter-terrorism. A PTU is equipped with spe­cial­ized po­lice and mil­i­tary-type equipment. Per­son­nel may be trained in cri­sis ne­go­ti­a­tionskills. A PTU can be part of ei­ther: 1. a police force under the authority of civilian officials;or 2. a Gendarmerie-style police force under the authority of civilian officials (Interior Ministry) and/or the Defence Ministrythat may have formal military status. Other gov­ern­ment agen­cies, de­pend­ing on the coun­try, may es­tab­lish spe­cial­ized units with com­pa­ra­ble task­ings, train­ing and equip­ment such as the coast guard, cus­toms or cor­rec­tions. In the United States, po­lice tac­ti­cal units are known by the generic term of Spe­cial Weapons And Tac­tics (SWAT) team; the term orig­i­nated...

    Po­lice tac­ti­cal units have sim­i­lar­i­ties to mil­i­tary spe­cial forces/spe­cial op­er­a­tions forces units such as or­ga­ni­za­tion, se­lec­tion, train­ing, equip­ment, and op­er­a­tional methodologies.[Note 2] For "cer­tain counter ter­ror­ism op­er­a­tions, such as hostage res­cue, there is a sig­nif­i­cant con­ver­gence of roles, tac­tics and force when em­ployed in ei­ther an armed con­flict or polic­ing role".Aside from counter-ter­ror­ism, the roles of po­lice and mil­i­tary units dif­fer in that the role of mil­i­tary units can re­sult in the use of the max­i­mum per­mis­si­ble force against enemy com­bat­ants while the role of po­lice units is to use only min­i­mal force suf­fi­cient to sub­due sus­pected crim­i­nals, in­clud­ing negotiation.


    Katz, Samuel M. (1995). The Illustrated Guide to the World's Top Counter-Terrorist Forces. Hong Kong: Concord Publication Company. ISBN 9623616023.

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    The Police Tactical Unit is a paramilitary specialist unit of the Singapore Police Force and comes under the direct command of the Special Operations Command. Based in Queenstown, it is the main anti-rioting and disaster-management unit of the police force. They are also called upon to handle cases of serious crime in progress, particularly cases involving firearms. From 2004, PTU officers also presented greater public prominence when they conducted patrols in public areas, such as at Orchard Ro

    The PTU traces its history back to the early 1950s whereby the Maria Hertogh riots demonstrated the incapability of existing law enforcement measures in containing situations of mass rioting and other disturbances to public peace. Hence in 1952, the first Riot Squad was formed wi

    In response to an increasingly complicated and multi-faceted public safety and security requirements in contemporary environments, the PTF underwent another major review in 2003, this time with upgraded weaponry and vehicles, a change to their tactical uniforms in 2005, and the r

    The Police Tactical Unit officers have traditionally worn the Combat Dress, also known as the no. 4 police uniform. This consists of a blue beret, long-sleeved blue polyester shirt with concealed plastic buttons, black combat belt, blue combat trousers, and black combat boots. The sleeves may be folded up during the day, and rolled down at dusk or during tactical training and operations. In 2005, the uniform underwent a major review, and a new tactical uniform was introduced. The red beret was i

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    Tactical Unit is a series of films produced by Johnnie To with studio Milkyway Image, featuring the adventures of two columns of PTU officers, the Kowloon West Police Station and its CID officers, of Hong Kong. The films are in Cantonese. The film series spun off from the feature film PTU: Police Tactical Unit directed by Johnnie To. There are five sequels. Original conception on PTU started before 2002.

    PTU has won many awards. In 2004, it won five awards at the ninth annual Golden Bauhinia Awards. It also gave Johnnie To a Best Director award at the 2004 Hong Kong Film Awards. The film has also been featured in many film festivals. It was shown at the 2003 St. Louis Internation

    The Code was featured at the 2008 Far East Film Festival in Udine; it is the first film spun off from PTU. The script for the film was written by Yip Tin Shing. The film focuses on the aftermath of an unreported beating meted out by a PTU column on a person in a back alley that w

    No Way Out is the second sequel to the original PTU. The film focuses on the retarded Fai and his girlfriend, rather than the members of the PTU, and life in the Temple Street district. It follows Fai, as he is physically coerced to do things by the PTU, and two rival triads, and

    In addition to the official entries in the series, as in Hong Kong tradition, other completely unrelated films have been given similar titles in order to take advantage of the fame and popularity surrounding PTU. One of these is PTU女警之偶然陷阱 from 2005, written, produced and directed by Tony Leung Hung-Wah.

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    English: A police tactical unit is a highly trained police unit that responds to and resolves high-risk incidents, including terrorist incidents. The units will have entry/selection requirements with police officers receiving advanced training to employ in dealing with armed criminals, terrorists and hostage situations.See en:Police Tactical Unit.

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    Mar 18, 2021 · Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK) - State Tactical Unit, Part of Uniformed Police Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit (BFE) - Special Detention Unit, Part of State Anti Riot Police Mobiles Einsatzkommando (MEK) - Tactical and Surveillance Unit, Part of Criminal Police

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    A police tactical unit (PTU) is a specialized police unit formed and trained to handle situations that are beyond the capabilities of ordinary law enforcement units because of the level of violence - or risk of violence - involved.

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    A police tactical unit (PTU) is a specialized police unit formed and trained to handle situations that are beyond the capabilities of ordinary law enforcement units because of the level of violence - or risk of violence - involved.

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