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  1. Prague Zoological Garden (Czech: Zoologická zahrada hl. m. Prahy) is a zoo in Prague, Czech Republic. It was opened in 1931 with the goal to "advance the study of zoology, protect wildlife, and educate the public" in the district of Troja in the north of Prague.

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    Thanks to its collaboration with Mastercard and Ingenico, Prague Zoo is setting a global precedent in being able to offer special touch panels. Visitors to the zoo can use them as a quick and secure means to help endangered animal species. An ultra-high res look at Prague Zoo From one small video shot at the start of the spring closing, the Zoo…

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      From Friday, December 18, until further notice, the Prague...

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      Prague Zoo is intensely involved in the protection of animal...

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    The Prague zoo is on of my favorites places in Prague. Since the 2002 flood the Zoo came a long way. They keep improving the habitats and overall experience not only for the guests but for the animals as well. Reasonable price for entrance (250CZK is about 12$) which is much

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    • U Trojskeho Zamku 120/3, Prague, 171 00, Bohemia
    • Gorillas at Prague zoo given Christmas trees to celebrate the season
    • Prague Zoo celebrates birth of baby orangutan
    • Prague Zoo launches fundraising effort to feed its animals
    • Genetically Important Baby Orangutan Born at the Prague Zoo
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    Prague Zoological Garden (Czech: Zoologická zahrada hl. m. Prahy) is a zoo in Prague, Czech Republic. It was opened in 1931 with the goal to "advance the study of zoology, protect wildlife, and educate the public" in the district of Troja in the north of Prague.

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  5. Prague Zoo - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with ...

    It is a must visit especially for families with children. A very large zoo, with impressive exhibits in setting of Pavilions. Easy to get here in a taxi from the center of Prague. Has elevations and heights that need to be walked on foot, and can get tiring, especially for …

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    • U Trojskeho Zamku 120/3, Prague, 171 00, Bohemia
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    Prague ZOO is ranked the second most popular attraction site in the Czech Republic and ranks high among renowned zoological gardens worldwide. With an average of 1.4 million annual visitors, one may want to know what is special about this place. Luckily, there is no simple answer, and we would tell you that there is too much you would love to see.

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  8. Prague ZOO: 7 Things You Need to Know in 2019
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    • Animals in The Prague Zoo
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    Most tourists visit the Czech Republic’s capital to enjoy its numerous sightseeing treasures. But Prague also offers an amazing experience for all animal lovers. In the Troja quarter of the city, next to a beautiful eponymous Chateau (Zámek Troja), one of the best zoological gardens in the world is awaiting its nature-loving visitors.Prague Zoo covers an area of over 0.5 square kilometers (about 60 hectares), in which it houses more than 4 thousand animals of over 650 species, including a lar...

    Prague Zoo was opened to the public in 1931, but its history reaches much further back in time. That is to the year 1881, when Count Sweerts-Sporck (hrabě Špork) initiated the establishment of a zoo in Prague. The process took place over the following decades and involved, among other things, the emergence of The Association for the Establishment of a Zoological and Acclimatization Garden.Another important milestone was the donation of land in the Prague borough of Troja for the zoo to be bui...

    The very successful operation and continuing development of Prague Zoo was discontinued and even threatened by major floods several times. The worst ones struck the Troja quarter in 2002 and 2013. The biggest one in the history of the zoo was that of 2002, when Prague (as well as a significant part of Europe) was hit by the so-called “millennial floods”. The water levels reached over 7 meters above the landscape and many animals in the zoo unfortunately became victims of the floods. The flood...

    Apart from the above mentioned creatures, thousands of birds, reptiles, mammals, and all imaginable animals from every corner of the world have their home in Troja, in various environments created according to their specific needs and closely resembling their natural habitat. Prague Zoo over the years of its existence gradually created the current total of 12 pavilions and over 150 exhibits…We’ve already mentioned Prague Zoo’s gorillas. One of them, a female Western Lowland Gorilla called Bik...

    To properly enjoy everything Prague Zoo has to offer, you should plan your visit as an all-day trip. But if you only want to spend a few hours there, consider our must-see tips. Even though it is quite difficult to choose from the rich variety of nature’s wonders, you can still see many of them in the zoo.Apart from the below mentioned (in more detail) expositions, you should know that the Prague Zoo played a significant role in saving the Przewalski’s horse. The last wild horse, which became...

    The Prague zoological garden is located at the address U Trojského zámku 3/120, Prague 7 – Troja. You can take a bus there (to “Zoologická zahrada” bus station), for example number 112 from “Nádraží Holešovice” metro station.If you want to arrive in style, from March to October you can take a steamboat (ferry). The ride on the Vltava river takes about 75 minutes and a one-way ticket costs 150 CZK ($6.00) from Čech Bridge, or 190 CZK ($7.60) from Rašín Embankment. You can buy tickets online wi...

    The zoo is opened daily all year round, from 9 AM to 4, 5 or 6 PM (according to months). The admission fees are offered in various bands, with a single entrance for adults costing 200 CZK ($8.00). You can buy tickets at the entrance or online (in the Czech language only). See more details in the table below:*Family tickets are available to families with 1 – 2 children under 15 years (additional child is +100 CZK) and a maximum of 2 adultsSource: Official Prague Zoo PricelistApart from general...

  9. Prague Zoo is officially home to 681 different species including 132 reptiles, 293 birds and 167 varieties of mammals. One of the biggest and expensive animal pavilions is the Indonesian Jungle which houses many exotic animals like Orangutans, birds like fruit bats and endangered species like the Binturong.

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    A popular attraction for families, the Prague Zoo offers more than 6 miles of walking trails and exhibits like the Africa House, the Indonesian Jungle and the Valley of the Elephants. Kids can also...

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