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    A primate (/ ˈ p r aɪ m eɪ t / PRY-mayt) (from Latin primat-, from primus: "prime, first rank") is a eutherian mammal constituting the taxonomic order Primates.Primates arose 85–55 million years ago first from small terrestrial mammals, which adapted to living in the trees of tropical forests: many primate characteristics represent adaptations to life in this challenging environment ...

    • Lorisoidea

      Lorisoidea is a superfamily of nocturnal primates found...

    • Old World Monkey

      Old World monkey is the common English name for a family of...

  2. Primate (bishop) - Wikipedia

    Primate (/ ˈ p r aɪ m ə t /) is a title or rank bestowed on some important archbishops in certain Christian churches. Depending on the particular tradition, it can denote either jurisdictional authority ( title of authority ) or (usually) ceremonial precedence ( title of honour ).

  3. Primate - Wikipedia

    A primate is a mammal o the order Primates (i / p r aɪ ˈ m eɪ t iː z / pry-MAY-teez; Laitin: "prime, first rank").. References

  4. Primates are a group of mammals that contains all lemurs, monkeys and apes including humans.. There are about 400 species of primates. All primates are similar to humans in some ways, but language is an important difference.

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    Prince-Primate (German: Fürstprimas, Hungarian: hercegprímás) is a rare princely title held by individual (prince-) archbishops of specific sees in a presiding capacity in an august assembly of mainly secular princes, notably the following:

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    Clasificare și evoluție Clasificare Familii de primate existente. ORDIN PRIMATES. Subordin Strepsirrhini: . Infraordin Lemuriformes. Suprafamilia Cheirogaleoidea. Familia Cheirogaleidae: lemuri pitici și lemuri-șoarece

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    A primate city distribution is a rank-size distribution that has one very large city with many much smaller cities and towns, and no intermediate-sized urban centers: a King effect, visible as an outlier on an otherwise linear graph, when the rest of the data fit a power law or stretched exponential function.

  9. MVP: Most Valuable Primate - Wikipedia

    MVP: Most Valuable Primate is a 2000 feature film that sparked the MVP trilogy. The film's title character, Jack, is a chimpanzee who plays hockey.

  10. Primate cities are cities in a country that have far more people and influence than every other city in it. For it to be called a primate city, it must have more than two times as many people and two times as much influence (such as in the country's economy, resources, education, health care, etc.) than the country's second largest city.

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    Primati (Primates) su red iz podrazreda viših sisavaca.Znanost koja se bavi proučavanjem primata naziva se primatologija.Izraz majmun koji se koristio za taj red je bio zbunjujući, jer se zatim dijelio na podred pravih majmuna i podred polumajmuna.