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  1. Progressive pop (sometimes compared with Art rock )is pop music that attempts to break with the genre's standard formula, or an offshoot of the progressive rock genre that was commonly heard on AM radio in the 1970s and 1980s. It was originally termed for the early progressive rock of the 1960s.

    • A "progression" from mid-20th century pop music formulas.
    • Pop, progressive, rock
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  3. volved a conscious and brave attempt to bridge the separation between 'progressive' pop and mass/chart pop – a divide which has existed since 1967, and is also, broadly, one between boys and girls, middle-class and working-class." → same as the previous two.

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  5. "Progressive soul" is used by Martin to refer to a musical development in which many African-American recording artists by the 1970s were creating music in a manner similar to progressive rock. [45] This development inspired greater musical diversity and sophistication, ambitious lyricism, and conceptual album-oriented approach in black pop. [46]

  6. La pop progressive est un sous-genre musical de la pop. Le terme est pour la première fois utilisé pour décrire le rock progressif 1. Durant la fin des années 1970, le terme est utilisé de manière interchangeable pour décrire le rock 2.

    • 1965
    • Pop, rock
  7. Il pop progressivo, dall'inglese progressive pop (a volte abbreviato in prog pop ), è uno stile di musica pop nato negli anni sessanta. Correlato al rock progressivo, si caratterizza per i continui cambi di chiave e ritmo, i suoni sperimentali e i trattamenti sonori che sovvertono ironicamente le convenzioni del passato.

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