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    Ravenna Diary, My Dictionary and Recollections. Ravenna is the location where Lionel, the protagonist of Mary Shelley's post-apocalyptic novel The Last Man, comes ashore after losing his companions to a howling storm in the Aegean Sea. Oscar Wilde (1854–1900) wrote a poem Ravenna in 1878.

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      The origin of the name Ravenna is unclear, although it is...

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      Eight early Christian monuments of Ravenna are inscribed on...

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      The city annually hosts the Ravenna Festival, one of Italy's...

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      Ravenna (/raˈvenna/, localmente e in Romagna anche...

    • Monster of Ravenna

      The Monster of Ravenna was a possibly apocryphal late...

  2. Ravenna, Ohio - Wikipedia,_Ohio

    Ravenna was founded in 1799, platted in 1808, and is named for the city of Ravenna, Italy. [7] [8] The city is part of the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area and the larger Cleveland–Akron–Canton Combined Statistical Area .

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  3. Ravenna, Seattle - Wikipedia,_Seattle
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    Ravenna is a neighborhood in northeastern Seattle, Washington named after Ravenna, Italy. Though Ravenna is considered a residential neighborhood, it also is home to several businesses, many of which are located in the University Village, a shopping mall. Ravenna Park, located near University Village and the walking or biking route connecting Green Lake to Burke-Gilman Trail, is located within the neighborhood.

    What is now Ravenna has been inhabited since the end of the last glacial period. The Native American Duwamish tribe of the Lushootseed Coast Salish nations had the prominent village of SWAH-tsoo-gweel on then-adjacent Union Bay, and what is now Ravenna was their backyard before the arrival of White settlers. The Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway was built c. 1886 along what is now the Burke-Gilman Trail, following what was the shoreline past where the UW power plant and University Village

    The conjoined Cowen Park and Ravenna Park is located at a southwest corner of Ravenna-Bryant, reaching from beyond the source of Ravenna Creek beside nearby Brooklyn Avenue and Ravenna Boulevard, under the 15th Avenue bridge to 25th Avenue NE. The parks comprise the centerpiece of the neighborhood. For many decades of Seattle city history, the park ravine had been ignored by loggers and farmers and still possessed full old-growth timber rising nearly 400 feet. The trees remained through the Alas

  4. Ravenna, Nebraska - Wikipedia,_Nebraska
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    Ravenna is a city in Buffalo County, Nebraska, United States. It is part of the Kearney, Nebraska Micropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 1,360 at the 2010 census.

    Ravenna was founded in 1886 when the Burlington Railroad was extended to that point. It was named after the city of Ravenna, Italy, and many of Ravenna's street names commemorate other Italian places. Ravenna was incorporated in October 1886.

    Ravenna is located at 41°1′40″N 98°54′48″W / 41.02778°N 98.91333°W / 41.02778; -98.91333. Visitors and residents gather to observe solar eclipse in Ravenna According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 1.67 square miles, of which 1.66 square miles is land and 0.01 square miles is water.

    As of the census of 2010, there were 1,360 people, 575 households, and 338 families living in the city. The population density was 819.3 inhabitants per square mile. There were 660 housing units at an average density of 397.6 per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 98.

    As of the census of 2000, there were 1,341 people, 534 households, and 349 families living in the city. The population density was 1,782.0 people per square mile. There were 600 housing units at an average density of 797.3 per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 98.96%

    Ravenna is host to the annual city celebration named Annevar. Each year, the celebration includes a demolition derby, tractor pull, and other local recreational activities. During the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, approximately 8,000 visitors came to the town from all of the United States and as far away as Europe, Japan, and Australia.

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  5. Ravenna (networking) - Wikipedia
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    Ravenna is a technology for real-time transport of audio and other media data over IP networks. Ravenna was introduced on September 10, 2010 at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. Ravenna can operate on most existing network infrastructures using standard networking technology. Performance and capacity scale with network performance. Ravenna is designed to match broadcasters' requirements for low latency, full signal transparency and high reliability. Fields of application in

    Ravenna is an IP-based solution. As such it is based on protocol levels at or above layer 3 of the OSI reference model. All protocols and mechanisms used within Ravenna are based on widely deployed and established standards: 1. Streaming is based on the well-established RTP / RTCP protocols with payload formats defined by various RFCs. 2. Both unicast and multicast are supported on a per-stream basis. 3. Stream management and connection is achieved through SDP or RTSP protocol. 4. QoS is based o

    Ravenna is an open-technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy. A first-draft version of the Ravenna specification is publicly available. The development is jointly executed within the RAVENNA Partner Group under the leadership of ALC NetworX GmbH, Munich. Current Ravenna partners include

    Ravenna contributes to the standardization efforts within AES SC-02-12-H X192 - High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability. As a result of the X192 Task Group work, the AES67-2013 standard for audio applications of networks - high-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability was published on September, 11th, 2013. Ravenna is already compatible with AES67, since all relevant mechanisms, protocols and formats used for synchronization, transport and payload mandated by AES67

    Ravenna was a recipient of a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award in 2020 for Development of Synchronized multi-channel uncompressed audio transport over IP Network.

    • 2010; 10 years ago
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    • ALC NetworX (a Lawo company)
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  7. Ravenna Cosmography - Wikipedia

    The Ravenna Cosmography (Latin: Ravennatis Anonymi Cosmographia, lit. "The Cosmography of the Unknown Ravennese") is a list of place-names covering the world from India to Ireland, compiled by an anonymous cleric in Ravenna around AD 700.

  8. Ravenna - Wikipedia

    Geografija. Grad se nalazi u unutrašnjosti, ali je povezan kanalom s Jadranskim morem.Danas je glavni grad Provincije Ravenna, sa svojih 652.89 km² Ravenna je druga najveća komuna prema površini u Italiji, iako je samo malo manja od polovice veličine najveće općine, Rima.

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    Ravenna város Olaszországban, Emilia-Romagna régióban. Ravenna megye székhelye. Csatorna köti össze az Adriai-tengerrel. Történelme során a Nyugatrómai Birodalom, majd az Osztrogót Királyság, majd a Ravennai Exarchátus fővárosa volt, most Ravenna megye székhelye.

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    Ravenna blomstrade under romerskt styre. Trajanus lät bygga en 70 km lång akvedukt i början av 100-talet e.Kr. 402 flyttade kejsar Honorius den romerska huvudstaden till Ravenna, i första hand av strategiska skäl: Ravenna var omgivet av träsk och kunde lätt nås av de östromerska arméerna.