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    Religion in Italy is characterised by the predominance of Christianity and an increasing diversity of religious practices, beliefs and denominations. Most Christians in Italy adhere to the Catholic Church, whose headquarters are in Vatican City, Rome. Christianity has been present in the Italian Peninsula since the 1st century.

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    Freedom of religion in Italy is guaranteed under the 1947 constitution of the Italian Republic. Before that religious toleration was provided for by the constitution of the Kingdom of Italy which in turn derived from the Albertine Statute granted by Carlo Alberto of the Kingdom of Sardinia to his subjects in 1848, the Year of Revolutions .

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Religion in Italy according to the Global Religious Landscape survey by the Pew Forum, 2012 Christianity (83.3%) No religion (12.4%)

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    Italian Republic Repubblica Italiana (Italian) Flag Emblem Anthem: Il Canto degli Italiani (Italian) "The Song of the Italians" Show globe Show map of Europe Location of Italy (dark green) – in Europe (light green & dark grey) – in the European Union (light green) – [Legend] Capital and largest city Rome 41°54′N 12°29′E  /  41.900°N 12.483°E  / 41.900; 12.483 Official ...

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