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    What was the Republic of Florence known for?

    How did the Republic of Florence start?

    What is the history of the Republic of Siena?

  2. Republic of Florence - Wikipedia

    The Republic of Florence, also known as the Florentine Republic (Italian: Repubblica Fiorentina, pronounced [reˈpubblika fjorenˈtiːna], or Repubblica di Firenze), was a medieval and early modern state that was centered on the Italian city of Florence in Tuscany.

  3. Category:Republic of Florence - Wikipedia

    The Republic of Florence (1115–1532) — an Italian city-state in the Florence region of Tuscany, Italy. Subcategories This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total.

  4. Category:Republic of Florence - Wikimedia Commons

    Republic of Florence city-state on the Appenine Peninsula between 1115–1532 Upload media Wikipedia: Instance of: historical country (1532) Location:

  5. Corporate republic - Wikipedia

    The maritime city-state of Florence in northwestern Italy is argued to be a corporate republic based on two reasons. Like most of the merchant republics of Italy, Florence's social and economic life was dominated by vast guilds that regulate and control key industries in the city.

  6. Republic of Siena - Wikipedia

    The Republic of Siena (Italian: Repubblica di Siena) was a historic state consisting of the city of Siena and its surrounding territory in Tuscany, central Italy. It existed for over four hundred years, from 1125 to 1555. In the Italian War of 1551–59 the republic was defeated by the rival Duchy of Florence in

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  7. Republic of Florence - Country/Region | Facebook

    Dec 04, 2019 · Republic of Florence. 185 likes · 67 were here. The Republic of Florence, also known as the Florentine Republic, was a medieval and early modern state...

  8. Florence and the Machine - Wikipedia

    Florence and the Machine (stylised as Florence + the Machine) are an Inglis indie rock baund that formed in Lunnon in 2007, consistin o vocalist Florence Welch, keybuirdist Isabella Summers, an a collaboration o ither airtists.

  9. Florence Welch - Wikipedia

    Florence Leontine Mary Welch s-a născut pe 28 august 1986, în Camberwell, Londra. Ea este fiica lui Evelyn Welch, o profesoară americană și a lui Nick Welch, director de publicitate. Florence este nepoata satiristului Craig Brown și a fostului redactor-șef adjunct de la The Daily Telegraph, Colin Welch.

    • Florence Leontine Mary Welch
    • 28 august 1986 (33 de ani), Camberwell, Anglia, Londra, Regatul Unit
  10. Florence and the Machine - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Florence Welch. Florence Leontine Mary Welch (born 28 August 1986 in London) is the daughter of Evelyn and Nick Welch. Evelyn Welch is a Professor of Renaissance Studies and Academic Dean for Arts at Queen Mary, University of London and author and formerly a Studio 54 regular.

    • 2007–present
    • Island, Republic
  11. Cosimo de' Medici - Wikipedia'_Medici

    Cosimo de' Medici (27 September 1389 – 1 August 1464) wis the first o the Medici poleetical dynasty, de facto rulers o Florence during much o the Italian Renaissance; an aa kent as "Cosimo 'the Elder'" ("il Vecchio") an "Cosimo Pater Patriae" (Laitin: 'faither o the naition').