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    The Republic of Genoa extended over modern Liguria and Piedmont, Sardinia, Corsica, Nice and had practically complete control of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Through Genoese participation on the Crusades , Genoese colonies were established in the Middle East , in the Aegean , in Sicily and Northern Africa .

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      The Republic originated in the early 11th century, when...

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    The Maist Serene Republic o Genoa (Italian: Repubblica di Genova, Ligurian: Repúbrica de Zêna) wis an independent state frae 1005 tae 1797 in Ligurie on the northwastren Italian coast, as well as Corsicae frae 1347 tae 1768, an numerous ither territories throughoot the Mediterranean.

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    • oligarchy (1005, 1797), historical country, sovereign state (1005, 1797), maritime republic
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    The Genoese Navy (Italian: Marineria Genovese), also known as the Genoese Fleet, was the naval contingent of the Republic of Genoa's military. From the 11th century onward the Genoese navy protected the interests of the republic and projected its power throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

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    Genoa is a port city by birth, establishing itself as the merchant capital of the newly established Republic of Genoa in 1005 and maintaining its autonomy until 1797. Genoa was a powerful port and briefly entered in conflict with Venice over the Mediterranean Trade.

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    The Ligurian Republic (Italian: Repubblica Ligure) was a French client republic formed by Napoleon on 14 June 1797. It consisted of the old Republic of Genoa which covered most of the Ligurian region of Northwest Italy, and the small Imperial fiefs owned by the House of Savoy inside its territory.

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    Provisional Government of the French Republic – 1945-1949 French Fourth Republic – 1946-1957 See also: French State (incl. occupation zone) – 1942 , Military Administration in France – 1942 , Military Administration in Belgium and Northern France – 1942

  10. Ketika ini Genoa adalah ibukota Liguria, wilayah di Itali. Bacaan lanjut. Thomas Allison Kirk (2005). Genoa and the sea: policy and power in an early modern maritime republic, 1559-1684. JHU Press. ISBN 0801880831.

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    Genoa began to gain autonomy from the Holy Roman Empire around 1096, becoming a medieval commune and participating in the First Crusades. Initially called Compagna Communis, the denomination of republic was made official in 1528 on the initiative of Admiral Andrea Doria.