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    Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was a federal entity composed of six republics (Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia). Each republic had its parliament, government, institute of citizenship, constitution, etc., but certain functions were delegated to the federation (army ...

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    The Republic (Greek: Πολιτεία, translit. Politeia; Latin: De Republica) is a Socratic dialogue, authored by Plato around 375 BC, concerning justice (δικαιοσύνη), the order and character of the just city-state, and the just man.

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    The Dominican Republic is a representative democracy or democratic republic, with three branches of power: executive, legislative, and judicial. The president of the Dominican Republic heads the executive branch and executes laws passed by the congress , appoints the cabinet, and is commander in chief of the armed forces .

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    The "Battle Hymn of the Republic", also known as "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" outside of the United States, is a popular American patriotic song by the abolitionist writer Julia Ward Howe. Howe wrote her lyrics to the music of the song " John Brown's Body " in November 1861 and first published them in The Atlantic Monthly in February 1862.

    • William Steffe, 1856; arranged by James E. Greenleaf, C. S. Hall, and C. B. Marsh, 1861
  5. A republic is a king-less form of government that has no monarchy and no hereditary aristocracy. It originates from Rome, in 509 B.C. when the Romans overthrew the Roman kingdom . Once free, the Romans established a republic, a government in which citizens elected representatives to rule on their behalf.

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    The Dominican Republic is a presidential democratic republic. The government is divided in three branches: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary.The Executive branch is made up of the President, the Vice President and the Ministers who are called Secretaries of State.

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    Artsakh, officially the Republic of Artsakh (/ ˈ ɑːr t s æ x /; Armenian: Արցախի Հանրապետություն, Artsakhi Hanrapetut'yun) or the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (/ n ə ˌ ɡ ɔːr n oʊ k æ r ə ˈ b æ k /), is a breakaway state in the South Caucasus that is internationally recognized as a part of Azerbaijan.

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    The New Republic is an American magazine of commentary on politics, contemporary culture, and the arts. Founded in 1914 by several leaders of the progressive movement, it attempted to find a balance between a humanitarian progressivism and an intellectual scientism, and ultimately discarded the latter.

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    The Weimar Republic (German: Weimarer Republik [ˈvaɪmaʁɐ ʁepuˈbliːk] ()), officially the German Reich (Deutsches Reich), also referred to as the German People's State (Deutscher Volksstaat) or simply the German Republic (Deutsche Republik), was the German state from 1918 to 1933.

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    The Sakha Republic is the site of Pleistocene Park, a project directed at recreating Pleistocene tundra grasslands by stimulating the growth of grass with the introduction of animals which thrived in the region during the late Pleistocene — early Holocene period. In recent years, global warming has caused the melting of previously frozen soils.