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  1. Russian Airborne Forces - Wikipedia

    The Russian Airborne Forces or VDV (from Vozdushno- desantnye voyska Rossii, Russian: Воздушно-десантные войска России, ВДВ; Air-landing Forces) is a separate troops branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

    • 60,000 paratroopers, will expand to 72,000 paratroopers by 2019
    • Russia
  2. Helicopter Brigade of Russian Airborne Troops - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The helicopter brigade of Russian Airborne Forces is a plan of the Ministry of Defense of Russia to create a brigade of army aviation as part of the Airborne Forces.

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  4. 106th Guards Airborne Division - Wikipedia

    The 106th Guards Tula Red Banner Order of Kutuzov Airborne Division, more generally referred to as the Tula Division, is one of the four airborne divisions of the Russian Airborne Troops, the VDV (Russian: Воздушно-десантные войска, romanized: Vozdushno-desantnye voyska).

  5. Russian Airborne Troops - Wikimedia Commons
    • Symbols
    • Unit Insignia
    • Commemorative Coins
    • Troops
    • Armoured Fighting Vehicles
    • Commanders
    • Rank Insignia
    Small emblem
    Medium emblem
    Great emblem
    Flag (official version)
    Great emblem of the 7th Guards Mountain Air Assault Division
    Great emblem of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division
    Great emblem of the 98th Guards Airborne Division
    Great emblem of the 106th Guards Airborne Division
    Relief image of the Airborne Troops Emblem.
    Relief images of a commando, airplanes and paratroopers.
    Relief images of an airplane and paratroopers during landing operation.
    Ilyushin Il-76 "Candid" loading paratroops.
    Martial arts demonstration in Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Paratroopers in Tuzla Air Base (Bosnia-Herzegovina).
    US and Russian paratroopers in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    BMD-1, BMD-2 and 2S9 Nona

    1. BMD-1 recognition plate 2. BMD-1 graphic. 3. A Russian BMD-2 with SFOR markings parked in front of several trailer units at the Russian airborne brigade stationed in Tojsici, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1 January 1996. 4. BMD-1 on display near the Great Patriotic War Museum (Kiev, Ukraine). 5. BMD-1 on display near the Great Patriotic War Museum (Kiev, Ukraine). 6. BMD-1 in Afghanistan. 7. 2S9 Nona self-propelled armored 120mm howitzer.


    1. ASU-85 self-propelled anti-tank gun unloaded from an Antonov An-12.


    1. BTR-80 in Balkans, 1996 2. BTR-80 and Bradley, 1996

    Pavel Grachev (commander of the VDV in 1991) as Defense Minister in 1994
    Aleksandr Lebed (commander of the 106th Airborne Division from 1990 to 1991)
    Maj. Gen. Valeri Evtoukovitich speaks with Brig. Gen. John Craddock (US Army) in Kosovo.
    Генерал армии General Armii (General of the Army OF9)
    Генерал-полковник General-Polkovnik (Colonel general OF8)
    Генерал-лейтенант Generál-Lejtenánt (Lieutenant general OF7)
    Генерал-майор General-Mayor (Major general OF6)
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    Are the Airbone Forces an arm of service, equal with the army and air force, or are they part of the army? The Airborne Troops are the most capable mobile assault forces of Russia, as they are airborne forces in the first place

  7. 76th Guards Air Assault Division - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 76th Guards Air Assault Division is a division of the Russian Airborne Troops based in Pskov. The division traces its lineage back to the 76th Guards Rifle Division, formed in March 1943 from the 157th Rifle Division for that division's actions during the Battle of Stalingrad.

  8. Spetsnaz - Wikipedia

    The Russian Airborne Troops (VDV, a separate branch of the Soviet and Russian Armed Forces) includes the 45th Guards Spetsnaz Brigade. In 2009, a Directorate of Special Operations was established that reported directly to the General Staff not the GRU to establish the Special Operations Forces which in 2013 became the Special Operations Forces ...

  9. Russian Armed Forces - Wikipedia

    The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, commonly known as the Russian Armed Forces, are the military forces of the Russian Federation. It is divided into the Ground Forces, Navy, and Air Force. There are also three independent arms of service: Strategic Missile Troops, Aerospace Defence Forces, and the Airborne Troops.

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    Oct 19, 2018 · Airborne troops of the Russian Brigade in Bosnia, Ilyushin Il-76.jpg 1,268 × 1,012; 603 KB Alexander Kolmakov receiving a report for duty – July 27, 2004.jpg 2,866 × 1,928; 2.02 MB Blue berets.jpg 550 × 390; 99 KB

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