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    The Serbian Despotate (Serbian: Српска деспотовина / Srpska despotovina) was a medieval Serbian state in the first half of the 15th century. Although the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 is generally considered the end of medieval Serbia, the Despotate, a successor of the Serbian Empire and Moravian Serbia, survived for another 60 years, experiencing a cultural and political ...

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    Preceded by: Moravian Serbia 1371-1403 History of Serbia Serbian Despotate 1403-1459 Succeeded by: Ottoman Serbia 1540-1817

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    The Balšić continue ruling Lower Zeta, while in Upper Zeta, Radič Crnojević take the rule, and by 1421 Crnojević held all Zeta under the Serbian Despotate. (see List of rulers of Zeta ) Lordship of Prilep : King Vukašin , a nobleman and close friend of Uroš V, would govern most of the Macedonia region .

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    Serbian Despotate; Stefan Lazarević: 1402–1427 Manuel II Palaiologos: Ruler of Serbia as an Ottoman vassal. He was awarded the title of despot during a visit to Constantinople in 1402, and ruled the "Serbian Despotate" as an autonomous lord until his death in 1427. Đurađ Branković: 1429–1456 Manuel II Palaiologos

    Conferred by
    Son-in-law and heir-presumptive until 1169, thereafter demoted to Caesar
    Married to Manuel I's sister Eudokia. His holding of the title is attested only in the seal of his son.
    Son-in-law and heir-apparent of Alexios III, second husband of Irene Angelina. Maternal grandfather of Michael VIII
    Son-in-law of Alexios III, he was probably granted the title of despot after the death of Alexios Palaiologos. He founded the Empire of Nicaea and was proclaimed emperor in 1205, although he was not crowned until 1208 and was still formally despot until then.
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    The Epirote state was founded in 1205 by Michael Komnenos Doukas, a cousin of the Byzantine emperors Isaac II Angelos and Alexios III Angelos.At first, Michael allied with Boniface of Montferrat, but having lost the Morea (Peloponnese) to the Franks at the battle of the Olive Grove of Koundouros, he went to Epirus, where he considered himself the Byzantine governor of the old province of ...

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    • Greek
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    uporaba na Serbiya despotluğu; uporaba na Despotat de Sèrbia; uporaba na Kosovo; Srbský despotát; uporaba na Kosovo; Serbian Despotate; List of Serb countries and regions; Tvrtko II of Bosnia; Kingdom of Bosnia; User:Tisquesusa/sandbox9; uporaba na Serbia ...

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    Belgrade served as capital of the Serbian Despotate during the reign of Stefan Lazarević, and then his successor Đurađ Branković returned it to the Hungarian king in 1427. Noon bells in support of the Hungarian army against the Ottoman Empire during the siege in 1456 have remained a widespread church tradition to this day.

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    Serbian (српски / srpski, pronounced [sr̩̂pskiː]) is the standardized variety of the Serbo-Croatian language mainly used by Serbs. It is the official language of Serbia, co-official in the territory of Kosovo, and one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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    The Serbian Orthodox Church is composed of the majority of the population in Serbia, Montenegro, and the Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.It is organized into metropolises and eparchies located primarily in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Croatia.

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