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  1. Are you MapQuest or Google Maps? - Appcues

    It won’t be long before Google Maps becomes the MapQuest to a new world. It can feel overwhelming to keep up, but constant iteration is an inevitable truth to developing products people love long-term.

  2. Using Google Maps Instead of MapQuest - Plus+ Consulting

    Mar 01, 2016 · The functionality in the Address control will now show Google maps instead of MapQuest. The techniques above can also be used to change the OOTB MapQuest URL that Infor CRM uses to reflect changes made to the URL recently by MapQuest. Please note that all the code above is for use at the user’s own risk.

  3. 7 Google Maps Alternatives and Why They're Better
    • Ryan Dube
    • MapQuest. MapQuest has been around for about as long as Google Maps has. It offers both a web-based tool as well as a mobile app. With a MapQuest account, you can sink all of your navigation plans between the web and your phone.
    • Waze. If you visit the Waze website, it doesn’t look like there’s a web-based tool at all. That is until you click the Live Map link in the menu. The web tool is really meant as a supplement to your mobile experience.
    • Bing Maps. Bing Maps is probably one of Google Maps most direct competitors. However, Microsoft doesn’t just try to copy the Google Maps interface to compete.
    • Here WeGo. This navigation service may not be quite as well known or popular as Google Maps or MapQuest, but it has its own unique features. The Here WeGo mobile app is well known, but there’s also a website worth using if you want to take some time before you head out to plan out your trip.
  4. Best Navigation Apps: Google Maps vs. Apple Maps vs. Waze vs ...

    Like Google Maps, MapQuest offers real-time reports like heavy traffic due to accidents, road work, and traffic cameras, to help you steer clear of slowdowns and trouble. Speed limits are also posted and easy enough to see when navigating, along with your current speed if you're going faster than 15 mph.

    • Amboy Manalo
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  6. Use a mapping application such as Google Maps or MapQuest to ...

    Use a mapping application such as Google Maps or MapQuest to map out transportation routes for a business.Select the most efficient route using the following scenario:You have just started working as a dispatcher for Cross-Country Transport, a new trucking and delivery service based in Cleveland, Ohio.

  7. Google Maps and MapQuest Driving Directions Compared ...

    Google Maps and MapQuest Driving Directions Compared I comprehend I’m in all probability dating myself just a bit… but internet based map services like Google Maps or MapQuest just astonish me. Whoever figured out the best way to map any block on the planet in 5 seconds has got to become rich… if not they should be.

  8. Why should you use Mapquest over Google Maps? - Quora

    Aug 28, 2018 · When you want to use map for directions, I find Mapquest more usable. They have more options like, avoid seasonal roads, avoid country borders and my favorite avoid time restrictions. This way map will not push you to shortest distance and small roads which usually Google Maps does. 58 views

  9. MapQuest API: Any reason to use it over Google Maps? - Stack ...

    MapQuest and Google use different data providers in some places. Google uses a variety of data, and in some places the providers will be the same (NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas). Otherwise it is largely user preference: I rarely do see sites though that don't use Google Maps. Microsoft seems to force their projects to use Bing for some reason ;)

  10. The 10 Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try - Make ...

    Dec 28, 2019 · 10. MapQuest. Platforms: Android, iOS. MapQuest is another great Google Maps alternative, especially if you use public transportation for commuting. It will let you compare local transportation services for your route like Uber or car2go and also book cars right from the app.

  11. Should I use Google Maps or Mapquest - Answers

    Just use google maps or mapquest What can you use instead of Google Earth on the Internet? In addition to Google Earth you can use Google Maps directly from your web browser. You also use Bing Maps...